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Chinese Novel

Chinese novel from Jin Yong(writer's name)is very good.It is kung fu novel.All are write the thing about kung fu and the sky of kung fu.This is a very good novel in chinese novel.I like this novel because it is very good in descrip the people in novel. It all of you have free times and know to see chinese word , you can read this novel. It is good .Thanks!
Well, I used to watch those Chinese films based on Jin Yong's novels when I was a kid. I like them, but not very much... The best point about Jin Yong is that he invented cool names for special martial-art skills and kind of established a virtual world of martial-art, very much like Tolkiens invented the Middle Earth...
Novel of Jinyong is better about gongfu.but i would like gunong's
i like to see the movies, but tired to read........
Yeah, Jinyong's books are quite entertaining. I guess it's different from reading the book and watching the series, but if you actually read the book, you'll find that it would be better than the series, and you would see how much things the scriptwriters excluded from the plot.
i've never get time to read novels, but see the movies Shocked Shocked Shocked
bao wrote:
Novel of Jinyong is better about gongfu.but i would like gunong's

Who is gunong?

I like the novel of JinYong though I haven't seen them. I saw them on TV, but I guess it would be better to read them instead. The space for imagination is much greater!
Jinyong is amazing, gunong's novel are too much on describing girls.

I like Jinyong's novel because it basically create the ancient China world and let us modern people learn about it. Most of his story is historically accurate. Even though people with the kung fu can't fly in real life, but is exist, you run and travel faster. The one which you hit something in the pressure point and it freeze them exist too. Even though now a day, only a few people can do that.

Gunong, I never really read the novel, but my mom say I should not read that because it is wasting time and not much historical stuffs in it.

So far, of Jinyong's novel, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils is my favorite.
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