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How can I log in to MySQL? Please help!

Hello, I am designing a new webpage for some people who already have hosting. They gave me their phpMyAdmin info and that works fine, except I don't have permission to create new databases there. All they gave me for MySQL was the address , which doesn't give you the opportunity to log in! I experimented a little with things like but none of that worked. Does anyone know how I can log in to MySQL!!?? Please help! Thank you, Sandra
I don't really see what you're doing with these passwords, and in my standards it sounds like you may do some harm to somebodies website. Now I am not accusing you, but that's what I have gathered.

Why do you need access to somebodies MySQL account anyways?
They hired me to create a new website for them on their current hosting account, I thought I made that clear. I'm also not sure how I would be harming their website by creating two new databases! If anyone knows how I can log into MySQL with the address I posted above, please let me know. Thank you.
Have you tried ?

That is the address to phpMyAdmin. Is that what you want?
Thank you Peterssidan, I already had found phpMyAdmin, but that doesn't allow me to create NEW databases. So I need to find a similar URL, but for MySQL. Any ideas?
if you don't have permissions to create new databases in phpmyadmin you won't be able to do so in mysql. Phpmyadmin is just a frontend for mysql, so will give you the exact same permissions.

But if you want to login to mysql over php take a look at these functions:
The host company generally gets CPANEL interface for custumers. On that interface, you can normally create database. And also user to use the databases.

I have already used too of them. The method is the same to do it. First create a user! And then create a new database to use.
After that, assign to the database to be used by the user you just create. The priciple is that after asking that, you will be asked to assign possible actions of the new user on that new database. Just select them.

After that, every thing is done, you can just use now your database with the new user. Generaly you can't create database on the PhpMyAdmin interface. Even on frihost!

So ask for the hoster of your domain and claim for connection data to the cpanel host.
it isn't always cpanel, and it isn't always easiest to make the user first. But if you can't do anything over phpmyadmin you need more permissions or help from someone with more permissions before you can do anything.
Thank you everyone ... I already asked my clients, who bought the hosting, for cpanel information and they haven't given me any. I read elsewhere on the Internet that sometimes when you can't use phpMyAdmin to create databases you can still do it through MySQL ... the programs that I need to install are PHPlist and Wordpress, so I'm going to see if I can run those off of the existing databases (there are three that were made by the previous designers). Thanks again, if you know anything else that might help me please let me know, Sandra
I have same question?
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