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a nice html editor, open-source or free??

any tips on a nice html editor that has both text-mode and screen-mode

if you know one that works on a mac, then better but otherwise please tell me your experience with Windows based ones.
Free and for mac? Try Smultron, powerful, and not limited to HTML. Don't forget to set the encoding to UTF-8 if you want it.
I use Coda, but it isn't free.
Try 'Sea Monkey' by Mozilla. It is free and you can get it here...
I use NVU for editing webpages

I really like it. Works for me
I use NVU, you can use it by simply typing html code or visual html. The website address is:
This is free, eventhough the version is still 1.0 but you can use it for fast editing. For profesional application you can use dreamweaver.
Try Amaya. It's from the guys at W3C themselves, and supports several platforms, including Mac.
Studio Madcrow
I second the Amaya suggestion. It's a very powerful tool and not exactly hard to use at all.
I recently broke down and bought a copy of Macromedia 2004 MX on Ebay (paid $35 for a completely legal copy!) but before that I was using HTMK Kit.
For a free HTML editor I really found it useful. An built-in FTP program that actually worked quite well and a gazillion plug-ins.
About the only drawback I found is the fact that it hasn't been updated in a few years now.
But even then, what it does it quite alot.
I also use dreamweaver, for html, xhtml development it really the best. loads for extensions available via that is aside from the fact that it is really a power pack software for simple web authoring...

I'll be waiting for the next version of it CS4 maybe... I'm hoping it will be integrated well with other adobe software especially Photoshop.
crabfish wrote:
Try 'Sea Monkey' by Mozilla. It is free and you can get it here...

yep it has been there since Netscape times Smile

back 6 years ago i used to recommend that for all n00bs to use that Very Happy
I've found some great editors for the mac:

Komodo Edit: A totally open-source advanced html editor for mac. I haven't used this much myself but it looks really powerful.

Coda: This isn't a free program (costs $99 normally but can be free if you know where to get it) but it is so good. Just about everything I've ever needed in a html and css editor.

Taco Html Edit: Finally, there is a nice html editor called Taco Html Edit, which has lots of features including code completion, syntax organising, projects and things like that. I think it used to be free, but in version 2 they've put a 30 day trial with a price of $25 USD on it.

My favourite out of all these would have to be Coda.
HTML-Kit was good back when I used it. Now I used notepad++, but HTML-Kit is really cool because it has tons of extensions. worth checking out.
I use 2HTML Editor . It can display web page sample in the same window without saving the web page- just like frontpage but only 2 MB, very less compared to Frontpage
If you want a drop and drag you can use
I would also vote for NVU.
Kompozer is a decent WYSIWYG editor if you want one.
I use Notepad++ for all the HTML editing, Its free and open source and pretty good as well.
Studio Madcrow
Indyan wrote:
I would also vote for NVU.

NVU is old and unmaintained. The project, however has been restarted by some new people under the name of Compozer, so if you want WYSIWYG, that's the one to look for.

Frankly, though, HTML is so easy to edit by hand (especially if you do things the right way and keep ALL the formatting and layout in CSS styles) that I really don't see why you need WYSIWYG.
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