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Grad School?

How important do you think getting your MBA is in having a successful career?

How much extra work do you have to put in to get your MBA?

Should your company pay for some or all of grad school costs?
Investing time and money into an MBA can propel your career farther and give you more opportunities for a higher salary. But the extra work towards and MBA is not everyone and not every field of work requires an MBA to advance.

Some of my peers have told me that those with a math, science, or engineering degree can supplement their BS with an MS for further technical backgrounds before getting an MBA, but those who studied liberal arts can just jump on the MBA right away. So probably an additional 2 years for liberal arts majors, and 4-6 more for south campus majors.

A lot of companies will pay for your grad school costs if they deem you worthy, and can see you working for them in the long run. My friend Justin worked for the HP Pavilion in San Jose, CA, and worked his way up from concession to supervisor. They offered to pay for his MBA and a position for him in management when he comes back. That is just awesome.
Just by having an MBA does not equate to tangible success in any career. I admit with more and more people going to college and graduating, having an MBA in addition to your B.S. or B.A. will certainly help on your CV and may give you an advantage in the initial hiring process. But just entering the race is far different that actually winning it.

The MBA should be a supplement to your current degree if you see yourself in more of a management role distancing yourself from the "floor" where all the action is. For example, my friend works for an engineering firm in prototyping and research and development and loves it and would essentially want to stay in that department for a long time. So when it came time to add on to his degree, he did not go for an MBA.

Also, where you get your MBA is now being looked at more stringently. Now with online programs becoming available, every tom, dick, and harry can get an MBA in as little as one year. And as the previous poster stated, there are companies that will pay for you to advance your degrees, but I think the number is diminishing as more and more people are doing it on their own just to distance themselves from fellow job seekers.
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Grad School
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