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Is there a way..

Can some one give me a way to become VERY flexible?
What stretches could I do?
Help me please!
Good body tone . . . by Bluedoll

There is really one simple rule. Develop for you a good habit by doing the common stretches and follow some kind of routine. Remember the reason for doing it. Keeping good muscle tone really makes you feel better.

My routine encompasses all of my body.

I actually start with my toes.

Then I move my foot around in a circle first clockwise then counterclockwise.

The key is to bring your extremities to the farthest allowable position without hurting yourself. I think slowly is much better than rushing through a routine and listen to your 'hurts' never forcing but persuading your muscles to go further than they did yesterday.

After my feet I then go all the way up to my neck. Did you know there are a lot of ways you can move your neck? After that I do my arms, and mid section and finally all the leg stretches. It takes quiet a while to do all the various stretches and if you allow yourself time - you can do the most common ones. I do them in a specific order so I don't forget any, ending at my toes. I repeat at least once and always find that the second time is way more flexible.

An example of a common stretch is put your bare feet flat straight out pointed exactly in the opposite direction of your shoulders. Do not let the bottoms come off the floor. Push them slowly apart keeping your knees locked to your limit (all stretching is about finding your limit). Let your upper section fall in front and use your hands as a guide. First you may be able to come a certain distance from the floor. Each week it will improve. Soon you will be putting your wrists in various positions on the floor or your elbows? This is your resting position. Stay there for a while. Now you can do all kinds of sideways motions with your mid section.

Before you do this stretch, it only makes sense that you have already done your individual leg stretches. How will you know this? Because your body will tell you which muscle is troubling your movement. You will feel the muscle that needs more work with each kind of stretch. In this stretch two main places. At the joint between your upper and lower leg. And the one right in-between your legs. It will be pulling the most with this stretch. Sitting on the floor and doing head touch leg stretches will enable you to improve do this stretch later. That is why you will learn to find your order in your routine. Your order of stretches may be slightly different perhaps than someone else’s because it is after all, your body.

What is amazing is all you really need is a routine, time and a little carpet. If you are really dedicated you can do a routine everyday but in a routine you should have one day out of the week for rest. It is really amazing, once you practice a routine you never forget it and it becomes like an old friend even if you go away from it.

Stretching exercising is not trick or rocket science it about dedication. It is about stretching all muscles in your body because all of your body is connected together.

Very Happy
And dust and mop the entirety of your home.

That's also a good workout which builds flexibility.

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