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My Music is Better Than Yours

It seems like all music discussion topics are always about who has the best music. The more obscure the song, the better it is. People will constantly jabber on about how a band sucks making pointless arguments, because they are most likely unphilisophical and result in both parties being butthurt over who can say the other sucks more. So, why even bother with music discussion?

It's because music is probably the most prominent form of art in our daily lives. Hell, right now, I've got my Xbox 360 playing my music while I type away. Undoubtedly, with the rise of the internet and music sharing programs, as well as the ability to keep all of your music on one storage device, be it your handheld MP3 players such as the incredibly commercialized and slightly annoying to use iPod, or your own home computer, everybody has a collection of music that they enjoy on a daily basis. But, why do you like the music you like? Is it because you grew up with it? Is it because MTV featured it for 30 seconds on TRL? I don't know if that show still exists, I haven't bothered with the absolute shitfest MTV has become, but this isn't about MTV. MTV sucks, you all know it, it used to be good, but now it's not anymore, MTV2 is good sometimes, end of discussion, I don't wanna hear it.

What I hope for with this posting endeavor is for people to reflect upon themselves with what music they enjoy more than anything else, and why that is. This isn't about how many songs you have or which bands are better, but it's about Your music. Yes, You. Surprised I'm talking about you? Well, you should be. Also, talk to your mom sometime, she enjoys the time she spends bonding with you. If your mother is dead, then just go to her grave sometime and talk to her about things you wouldn't even talk to a psychiatrist about.

Anyways, what I want to know is what makes your music so much better than everyone elses? I don't want you talk to the songs themselves, but I want you talk about the memories you share with your music.
Just because some people flaunt their music doesn't mean everyone does. Frankly, I don't care that much. There have been times I didn't listen to music for a week.
Being as I'm in the car for about 2 1/2 hours every day, I listen to my music quite a lot.

Anyway, pop music and most of what I call 'simpleton rock' doesn't even register as being worth giving a second thought about.

At the moment I'm on a big Fusion phase, listening to Chick Corea, Dave Weckl Band, Planet X, Derek Sherinian, On the Virg, Karizma. I listen to a little bit of prog, primarily Symphony X, a little bit of Dream Theater, Threshold and Kamelot.

Why do I like listening to fusion? I find that it stimulates my mind. Listening to the typical 3 or 4 chord pop songs gets old really quickly, it's not a mental challenge (or a physical or musical one for that matter). I like complex music, because I can hear not only all the separate layers, but I can also appreciate and understand how each layer compliments the song as a whole. Music is as intellectual to me as it is emotional.

Music should ALWAYS hold an emotional and spiritual bond to you, at least when you're performing it. But it also needs to be cohesive, and it needs to be from you. Most pop music (and I'm sorry to bring this criticism in) fails to meet all these categories, it's just a bunch of young guys or girls throwing together the same chord structures, riffs, rhythms, beats, concepts and lyrics that every pop, rock, r&b, rap, emo, pop punk, numetal, etc. band has been doing for the last 15 years.
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