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Check my site - music search

I have just uploaded my site to make sure everything is working. I decided to keep it simple because personally i hate sites that have so much going on that it actually puts people off. But at the moment im stil improving the site... Stil got some bugs... But otherwise it is fully functional.

i decide to try and do everything for free because i heard that making something from nothing is not possible and im a student. Please give me your comments and your thoughts. Thanks ^_^
Not bad!
I love Led Zeppelin, and was able to find plenty of their tunes. (it worked too, which is a big plus!)

BUT, I think it is illegal for someone to utilize copyrighted music without express permission from the owner/owners. You might not have the files on your server, but you are advocating the use of illegal material, which is frowned upon. Some hosting services will ban you for this reason alone. (In fact, if you were FRI-hosted, you might not be here anymore.)

But what the hell do I know!

I liked it; clean, and easy to use is my input. Very Happy
Wel i am actually planning to add a buy link so i can earn money in the form of commission and that way the user is the one is really stuck with the decision but at the moment the user is stuck with the liablity. And strictly speakin thanks to the few words at the bottom of the page the site can not be taken down since i don't promote illegal activities and i haven't violated the tos, being a law student comes in handy ^_^. But i would really like to make my site to be more on the legal side than in the gray area in between.
Wat suggestions would you suggest? A forum for users to chat about music?
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