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I need some outside oppinions on where to go with my career.

So, Here is the deal. I have a lot of experience an a lot of education.....but I don't know what to do.
I have a B.ChE (Chemical Engineering) and two Masters (Psychology and Theology). I have 2 years of emergency psych work under my belt and about 1.5 years of engineering research with the last six months being in the manufacturing pharmaceutical world. The thing is, I know I'm being under paid and under utilized for what I'm worth. I know I want to stay in the engineering field as my main career......and in order to do what I want in the field (research/development/problem solving) I'm pretty sure I will need an M.S or an M.E. degree to move forward......I'm applying to a fellowship that would allow me an advanced degree in Chem engineering AND a definate job as soon as I'm done with the year program.....and a really good salary.....
Here is my problem.
I need to write a statement of purpose.....
I'm having trouble even beginning. Do I need to include some of my other Masters degrees? Do I need a definative interest (like Polymers, bioreactors, etc....) or, can I leave the difinitive aspect of the Masters focuse open until I begin the program?

Thanks, your suggestions are welcome.
What exactly do you want from "us", the readers of your topic? To define your career? Don't you think it's too much?

I will give you my opinion about: "The thing is, I know I'm being under paid and under utilized for what I'm worth." You know, this is wrong. You will be amazed how many people think like you. And they are unhappy and bored, their job don't satisfy them anymore... their results became horrible and... when they are fired they start to think "why???".
Well, if you think that you are underpaid, if you think that you are to good for what you are doing, why don't you quit? Why didn't you try to apply to some jobs that would give you some money that "you worth it".

I'm sorry but this seem to be the main problem of the people these days. They are complaining about the money but they don't quit...
I feel that mentioning your 'other' degrees would turn the reader's attention from your main area of work (the field of study that you are applying for).
Anyway, your resume should have the details of your education, wherein you would be mentioning all your degrees and experience.

If you feel that you've been underpaid so far, keep that to yourself. YOU know why you're applying for this area of higher study. Instead, try to disguise the negative points as your strengths.
For example, try to utilize the experience that you've gained so far........and knowing where you want to see yourself years from now, mention your purpose accordingly.
Describe how gaining the higher education (at masters level) would help you. As you've said, try to include some specialization area that you want to focus on.

Even if 'high pay' is an important factor, don't make your application say that.
instead mention the other positive aspects Wink
If you perform well, money shouldn't be a constraint anyway, in future.

In short........don't crowd the 'statement of purpose' with things not related to the area of study.
BUT fill your resume with all your details (related or otherwise) and include all the positive points gained so far.
Like the previous poster I will also comment about this:

I will give you my opinion about: "The thing is, I know I'm being under paid and under utilized for what I'm worth."

I have seen a lot of people who say this about their jobs, and they fall into two groups, the first group is the people who really don't understand what is going on, for example I had a government working tell me this and they were being paid 80 thousand per year for working maybe an hour per day.

They thought if they were working for a private business they would be paid a lot more and would not have to work so hard. This person needs to just keep their job and be very grateful for what they are getting.

The other type is someone who really is being under paid, my first job I decided to quit and when I went to tell them they offered to double my salary. So obviously I was worth a lot more to them than I thought, and I should have spoke up a lot sooner than I did. I worked for over a year before I said anything.
Personally I think that making a lot of money is probably not your main goal here. You want to focus on something that will make you feel good about what you do every day. Money can't buy happiness. You should focus your career path on doing something that you love.

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