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is Vista Can be compared with other O.S in the market

Please suggest that Vista can be compared with other O.S in the market in terms

1)user friendliness

2) Security

3)Cost Efficient

please guide me !
Fire Boar
1) Yes. But lesser used options are even deeper hidden than before, which is a royal pain.

2) More so than previous incarnations of Windows, but largely no.

3) Certainly not.

Stick with XP, Mac or one of the many Linux distributions.
Vista??? Let's see

1) Maybe it is beautifull but still...I prefer Windows XP from Windows family (or 98 SE Razz)
2) Security...yes Telnet port and You can forget what is security Cool
3) Don't know how in other countries but here in Poland it is really expensive...better buy something more usefull for this money really...

Something from me - Vista is not good to company because certain programs are not working Very Happy plus many games are still not working on Vista Razz
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