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Diets and Exersize Programmes

I have recently had a baby and I really want to get rid of that baby fat before summer (Southern Hemosphere, so it is in the next couple of months)
Does anyone have any reccomendations for good diet and exersize programmes. I want something that will tell me what to do and what to eat each day... for at least a week or 2, and then I could take it from there.
I would also like to have the flatest possible stomach I can get within maybe 3 or maximum 4 months.
So I would love to hear any suggestions or even websites to check out.
There are a number of programs out there designed to give you both workout plans and diet plans. Jenny Craig is one of the more well known.

You can also pursue them separately. Any sort of respectable diet plan (Weight Watchers, for instance, or Nutrisystem's portion control, or similar) will help you limit the calories you are eating. A gym membership frequently carries with it access to someone who can help you create an exercise routine. Aerobics are your friend if you're looking to burn fat; anything that keeps you moving.
thanks, I think my mum might have some old weight watchers stuff that might be useful. I remember seeing a book called something like Hip, Butt and Thighs diet or something like that. I think it was by Beverly something... although I could totally have that wrong!!
Does anyone know that book? Used it? Is it any good?
If you want to try something completely different how about a Raw Food diet. When I was first introduced to the idea I thought it was kind of weird but when I tried it I lost heaps of weight and still remain that way.

I joined this program wtih great results. It is worth looking into.

If you can't afford this there are lots of books etc on Amazon related to raw food diets.
Hi, I realise that I'm a bit late with my advice as its nearly four months since you started this. How have you got on? Breastfeeding helped me to regain my figure a bit because you use up so many calories, but I have to admit to still having baby tubbiness 12 years on from my third child - but that is because I am lazy! I'm in the southern hemisphere too and wnated to lose weight for summer... it hasn't happened yet, but my older daughter and I just bought a cross-trainer so I will try that.

Congrats on your baby, too.
freeshann wrote:
I want something that will tell me what to do and what to eat each day... for at least a week or 2, and then I could take it from there.

Think it would be better for you to take charge of that. Be your own inventor of your own programme. I am sure you know best what your eating needs are. If you really need help, probably a doctor is your safest bet. He may have a diet readily available. To get toned, probably would be good to join a gymnasium or to start yoga. Yoga probably being the ideal as it is low-impact and I think they specialize in people with special needs. But of course not all people like yoga. It is a matter of personal choice. If you get someone to do the thinking for you, and you are not the author of your own programme, it may be easier to loose interest. But if it comes from passion and a real desire to achieve your goals, then I believe you are the best person to take charge of your own programme, possibly with advice from a few people for the details.
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