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FTP Error

Okay, this is really driving me up the walls..

So my friend who gave me an ftp on his server, i have some files and stuff i'm trying to get rid of. This is alright, all of a sudden i get an ftp error.


An error occurred deleting the file or folder on the FTP server. Make sure you have permission to access this folder.

550 Aa: Directory not empty.

The folder 'appears' to be empty, and its more than one folder i'm having probs with.

I've tried using default windows ftp, Filezilla , Coreftp, and i even used a file managing php script to try to get rid of these folders.

I COULD ask my friend to check it out , but he's usually busy (he runs a hosting company and he lives in a 9 hour time difference so.) And i would like to get this rid of asap.

Oh, NOTE: i can rename folders.... and maybe move them.. i havent tested that yet.
Im going to assume that you connect to your friend's server via ip address, and NOT a domain. That would mean typing something like this into your web browser: In this case you are prompted with a username/password log on, and you log into the FTP server with certain priviliges.

Your problem is not being able to delete certain files, marked with a higher priority then what you are allowed. I would assume that in this folder there are files which your access level prevents you from viewing (almost like having hidden files). If this is the case, then you will not be able to delete any folder containing these files.

Second case, is that you haven't been allowed deletion for folders that you yourself have not created. Same deal.

I would try renaming and moving folders, just to see if you have only been given download/upload access to the server (Rather than being marked as someone that can change actual files).

I use FileZilla for my FTP server, and I have this

selection of choices for each user. Additionally, as you can see here...

There are very specific permissions that can be given to each user.

One more thing: I suspect that your friend has many people connecting to his server, and therefore he most certainly does not use FileZilla. However, the basic principles are the same.
No i connect via domain name. And i do have permissions, it's just recently it's been going on the fritz for some reason.

I uploaded the folder/files then i tried to delete it a day later and it emptied the directory and just left the folder saying i couldnt delete it.

I tested and i was able to rename AND move the folders anywhere i want on the server.

I just made a folder called trash and moved all the unaccessable folders there. I'll have to contact him later and find out whats up.
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