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Almost a Year but what about Future?

I'm a senior in highschool and I've been going out with this beautiful junior girl for almost a year now. We talk about the future a lot and deeply love and care for each other. I know there is a chance of us working out in the future its just I'm scared because I'll be moving out of state next year for college. I'm willing to make the long distance relationship thing work, but I've had two older sisters who've had experience with it and its failed for them both. Any suggestions, ideas, or comments?
Man you can't worry about that. It's negative thinking, and if you expect that then it's much more likely to happen. Expect to be happy and have good things happen to you. Everything happens for a reason, you might think she's perfect, but there might be somebody out there even better that your meant to be with. You never know. Live with the "go with the flow" mentality, expect everything to only get better. Of course things are gonna get tough at some point, but it's got to get worse for it to get better.

Don't worry, be happy.
In my experience I think you can probably make it work long distance for a year or so but if she's not planning to follow you to the same college or at least one that very close by, it will not work for very long. If she plans to be far away for quite some time, you may want to sit down and talk with her about a somewhat open relationship or cut it off on fairly good terms. I'm sure she's worried about the same thing but how will you know if you don't sit down and talk about it? Any good relationship must have good communication to survive and that ability to talk about this subject in depth may be a good indicator that you will be able to make the long distance thing work.

If things work out such that the two of you choose to stop dating, don't worry too much. I found a boyfriend within a month of being at college. There are so many people there and it works out that the people you meet most often are people that have similar interests to you. That is why they are where the are!

Long distances again! I think this is the biggest question on frihost.

From my experience, it can work. And another point is, we are what we make ourselves and we choose our destiny in addition to that we determine what works out with us and what doesn't. So, if you want to make this up when on long distances you can. Only one thing to think about carefully, Does she want it like you do?
Of course it can work. Don't let whatever happened to others influence what you think will happen to you. Try it the way you think'll work best and stay positive. If you guys are really in love then it can work, I'm positive about that.
You gotta let it flow. If it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesn't. It is certainly harder to maintain the relationship if you're far away. So you'll have to put more effort into the relationship.
well u can hear a lot from people about it not working. and there are instances of it working too. One of my cousins got married last year. She was in USA and the guy in India. They never met face to face. But they kept in touch. And after about 5 yrs of courting they finally got married....

So if someone tells u it never works he or she is wrong. It entirely depends on both of you and how u make it work. All the best for ur future
Remember that in one relationship if you really love each other no matter how far you are from one another, you still believe and trust that your love will last forever. Even if you'll be away from her/him, the love will still be present for her/him. Just have faith in God and trust each other.
I don't know about having faith in God, but that's beside the point, having faith in each other is certainly something you should have. As I said before, if you truely love and trust each other then I really don't see why a long distance relationship couldn't work out just fine.
I'm sorry but your sisters are probably right. I tried to do it and so did a lot of my friends... Unfortunately it pretty much NEVER happens.

When I went to college, I had been dating my boyfriend for a couple of years and we were madly in love and spent every day together and thought we were going to get married. I went away to college but he was a year younger than me so still had another year to go in high school.

We lasted about 8 months or so once I left for college, but we were pretty much miserable the entire time. College changes everything, whether you want it to or not. It wasn't a matter of cheating or either person actually doing anything wrong... It's just that people grow up in college and relationships are tested way more than you've ever been tested before. Things change.

So the bad news is... you probably won't stay together.

The good news is... even though it may seem like the end of the world at the time, it's probably for the best that you don't stay together. I still have fond memories of my high school boyfriend (we still talk here and there), but I realize now that we definitely weren't meant to be together.

As much as you hate to hear this at your age....... you're too young to really know what you need or want. You learn through relationships like this, though.

Good luck.
It doesn'tt always have to happen like that. I know several people that successfully have long distance relationships. In fact, I know more people that have then that haven't successfully kept it up.
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