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Sims 2 Apartment Life

Not the best, and not the worst expansion. I am disappointed that the baby items that were planned for this expansion were not released. It would have given sim babies something else to do instead of sleeping.

Bunk beds and ceiling fans have been requested for quite awhile, and they couldn't take the extra time to put it in.

Although it will add a new way to play for your sims, new interactions, playground equipment, and witches & magic, I think that the expansion was rushed out. There was no reason to rush it out, if this was going to be the final expansion. A little more effort and time, and they could have put in those baby items, bunk beds, and ceiling fans.
I.m.o. all of the Sims expansion seems rushed out and rather crappy.
Actually, I thought University, Open For Business, and Seasons were very well thought out. I had no complaints with those.

Nightlife could have had more stuff for downtown and dates, kinda like Sims Hot Date had. Bon Voyage seems almost like a console game with "goals" to accomplish, but once you've done them all.... well, you've done it all. Freetime has some neat objects, interactions, and the 2nd aspiration is a welcome addition. But hobbies and the secret lots seem more like "goals" once again, and once you've done it then it loses it's "flavor" after that.

Apartment Life, I haven't had much time to mess around with. I think it will turn out to be better than Bon Voyage and Freetime, though.
I never really liked any of the sims games. I remember I played Sims 2 once and I had to build a home. I struggled with all those items and all that stuff and made a particular big home but I didn't make a bathroom. And I didn't know why my Sims were emoting like that. Then I built the bathroom and put them to wash, watch tv, talk with the neighbours and such. But I got kind of dissapointed when I saw it took much time to make the sim learn a job and I didn't have what to do while that was happening. Since then I haven't played. But it was fun a little at the beginning.

I absolutely loved Pets- it gave a whole load of new things to do!
I had some fun with it. But I ultimately got bored pretty quickly.
In my opinions, this kind of game is more attractive to girls, since a female friend of mine like it very much though I think it's very interesting.
There's so many expansions already that I get lost, I think I stopped playing them at point of Open for Business. To me, every expansion adds to the game something, that should have been in it from the beginning and as an expansion, it really isn't worth spending money on it, just to have few new items and one new feature that gets boring after a short while.
By now, with all the expansions, the original Sims 2 seem like a demo or a beta version. I'm not saying this game can't be fun, but it gets boring after a while and the only rescue is releasing an expansion every now and then.
The most annoying thing is that getting all the expansions + Sims 2 costs a fortune, here's a comparison: imagine Blizzard that releases every bigger WoW patch to the shops, it's basicaly the same. (If You say You need to pay every month for WoW, then change the example to Guild Wars)
By the way, I'm not much of a fan of Sims 2, I preffered the first part.
Sims 2 didn't stick with me for as long as the first game did. Maybe because it was harder on my computer, or maybe because you get tired of that type of game after awhile. Maybe that's why I played Everquest longer than WoW...
I do get tired of Sims 2 once in awhile, but I always go back to it after taking a break. I still play Sims 1 from time to time and was playing that today with my "superstar"
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