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Best Operating System

best Operating System in terms of User Friendliness and Security
Windows Vista
 27%  [ 8 ]
Apple Mack
 27%  [ 8 ]
 44%  [ 13 ]
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 29

Which is the best Operating System in terms of User Friendliness and Security

please caste your vote above

thank u
Small things make the biggest difference. For instance, Apple utilizes verbs in dialog boxes rather than a general "ok" or "cancel". In OSX it would be "save" and "don't save". Just a small change can make the biggest difference in usability. As for security, the built in firewall (granted thanks to linux) makes it secure right out of the box.
Where is option for DOS or Windows 3.1 ? Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
hunnyhiteshseth wrote:
Where is option for DOS or Windows 3.1 ? Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing

good question sir, yes we should not forget from we came ie DOS was the parent of all these and also a at that time it was a hit

thank you for casting your humble vote
i'm pretty sure this topic has been around several times before.

And as i keep saying: there is no such thing as a "best" operating system. It's all a matter of preference. Razz

Now you say in terms of security and user friendly-ness. That really depends.

Ubuntu Linux is user friendly, and if you know your way around linux really well it can be secure also.

Windows, is user friendly also, and if you know what software to use, it can be very secure too.

Mac, dont know about security, cuz i havent used em much, but i know their GUI (window manager) is a pain in the ass IMO. For me i always have trouble navigating through macs. But ah well.

Unix (something like freebsd with console only) , well i guess again very secure , depending on what you put into it Razz but it's not so user friendly.

Vista , roflcaeks , dont even get me started on this, theres soooooo many things .... no i'm not.. just no....

Anyways to conclude this, it all depends on how secure you make your system and what software is on it. As for the user-friendlyness, well..... dont be lazy and read the manual Very Happy

P.S. Wheres windows XP? Very Happy
First of all about should be Mac not Mack...
As posted upper, there is no one rule for best OS... it depends what You need...if You need bugged compatible with GameGuard protected games OS choose Windows, If You need real creator of windowed thing choose Mac, if You need big variety of distributions and want to choose one that will be good for You choose Linux, he is also very securited and there is no good working virus for it...and for final if You want to try new system try Solaris xD really I don't know much about it so I can't help here Sad
Linux is good for me because there is no stupid advertisements, register things, trials and other things that we don't need...also IM clients don't have advertisement banners like one of Poland IM's called they are more stable Razz
I would say much more but probably before I would finish it, session would end Laughing
I'm working on Linux from about 5 years and I'm very happy of it, Windows is only for 0,1% of things Very Happy
It's "Macintosh" or "Mac" not Mack
Studio Madcrow
The Mac, according to your criteria is at the top. Linux is a pretty close second, these days, though.
It depends on which one you want. In my perspective, Windows is based on general use. This general use can be from Gaming, to Office work, entertainment or just browsing the web.

Mac, or Mack in the poll, is mostly entertainment. They're not worrying too much about anything else. Most of their programs (such as iLife) are entertainment purposed. These are good for business perspective in my opinion.

Linux, or Solaris (which is basically the same thing), is mostly used for server use. Now, don't get me wrong, the Linux operating system can be used for many great things. The thing is, there are so many distros out there you can do basically anything with your Linux.

Security, wouldn't go to Windows for me. No way, although I will give Microsoft the point of "they're trying." Linux isn't user friendly for the Linux newb, like me. But, after using the commands for a while they're easy to use. Mac is pretty user friendly, and pretty secure.

User Friendliness: Between Windows and Mac
Security: Between Linux and Mac

And no system is secure, just nobody has made a major virus for either of these systems. But, overall I love my Windows.
ohh a whooping majority saying linux ....I hadn't expected it to be so favourable for linux.
anyways ..happy to seet he results so far.

i guess linux would have lost some share of votes had it been some other windows instead of vista in the options there Razz
surdy wrote:
ohh a whooping majority saying linux ....I hadn't expected it to be so favourable for linux.
anyways ..happy to seet he results so far.

I think sample size is too small to accurately say whether it is favourable or not.
Another thing is that a kind of anthropic principle is at work here. The only people who are a little tech savvy generally have a personal website. And only mre tech-savvy of them visit specific computer sub-forum as rest are limited to 'General Chat' only. Now, from this limited tech-savv people most want lots of control over their OS and hence prefer Linux. Laughing
ohh true ...i didn;t see the sample size ....yeah its too small
Where is windows XP? I don't like vista but like windows XP. It's nice and run fast in my machine
yeah, i like WinXP
You forgot the actual, real option that a sane person would mark - "Whatever OS one is comfortable with."
I had problems with Vista at it's release, but no they have fixed most of the problems. Yes it is far from perfect, but works fine for me and my gaming. So my vote is Vista for myself. And as stated by others this vote is kind of pointless. How about we just talk about the cold hard facts. A quick google found me what people vote for with their only voice that people listen too their money.
Operating System Market Share
Windows 90.66%
Mac 7.86%
Linux 0.93%
iPhone 0.30%
Playstation 0.04%
SunOS 0.01%
Nintendo Wii 0.01%

Windows is the winner, sorry guys.
Linux might be your favorite, but is very close to a the amount of iPhone users showing that it is not even in the running.
Fire Boar
I hate to burst your bubble, but those statistics are fundamentally flawed. They show simply the web browser hits statistics for select websites. Not who uses what operating system.

For example, very very few people use their Nintendo Wii for browsing to any of those sites, because it is first and foremost a games console. Same goes for iPhone, which is foremost a phone. The very low percentages for Wii, iPhone and Playstation simply mean that people don't visit their specific sites with this stuff.

Therefore, the only slightly realistic statistics are Windows, Mac and Linux. But some web browsers, especially Konqueror, are able to disguise themselves as other browsers running on a Windows operating system, since some websites very rudely block out non-IE-Windows users. I know many people who adopt this strategy to access content that would otherwise be inaccessible. Therefore, the 0.93% for Linux only comprises of users who have their browsers set to be truthful about the operating system running under, and of course who also visit those specific sites supported by hitslink.

Lastly, you say that the only true way of telling is seeing where people's money goes. I have spent more on Windows (time more than money actually, but there was a little bit of money a while ago before I found Linux) than Linux (which I have spent nothing on, ever). Guess which one I prefer?
{name here}
Out of all systems, I've enjoyed BeOS the best. It was quick, it had decent applications, and I loved the system's interface. Too bad Be Incorporated went under and I can no longer get a modern equivelant, and Haiku is still barely into their first alpha stages.
I prefer Vista for the applications I use, but Linux is definitely better in security and it's user friendliness isn't bad for many distros so that's my vote.
recently i feel linux is the best in speed and function they just need to unify on providing good GUI for network setup especially wireless
This all depends on what your personal experiences are

Ill tell you one thing dont get vista because it absolutely sucks!

Windows XP Pro FTW!!
I would have to say Windows only because it is the most compatible with programs but I love Mac as well! Very Happy
stotty wrote:
I would have to say Windows only because it is the most compatible with programs but I love Mac as well! Very Happy

Well you got it a little reverse. Always programs have to be made compatible with an OS and not an OS with programs!!
I have gone for Windows Vista. I like Linux, particulalry Mandriva and Ubuntu, but in all versions, doing some tasks that would be simple in Windows requires "techy" knowledge to perform in Linux. I have never used Apple OSX or Solaris so can't comment on them.
I prefer using Vista... I personally dont have any problem running it. And it hanged only twice since Jan 2008 when i got my laptop
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