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PC restart because of CPU fan RPM!?


I'm an aspiring tech as well as web designer, but I've been having a restart problem with my PC.

I've done almost everything possible other than replacing the CPU to troubleshoot. But, the other day someone told me that there is a possibility the CPU fan is droping below a certain RPM which may be the cause.

Is this even possible?

My CPU is a AMD Sempron 2800+

I know it's a very vague destcription of what I've done so far....just know that it's not a heating problem, it's not the PS, not the motherboard or GPU and not a software issue.

What do you think??
There is a virus going around that causes your PC to restart continually...I can't remember what it's called. Try running the computer in safe mode and see if it doesn't restart...if it doesn't, it may be the virus. But you might want to check to see if there's a utility to control CPU fan speed if that doesn't work.
its called zotob, it has many variants out too... thus increasing different ways you migth have it... it targets 2000 based computers, which means xp too..

more info:

might wanna give that a try, as you are having the symptoms of it (random shutdowns and restarts)

if no zotob...
im no expert or anything, but i dont belive the computer will turn off if your fan slow down or stops... the fan just keeps things cool, if fan stoped you would overheat eventually (would take awhile) if you werent pulling too much juice outa the thing.... if you do pull alot (heavy gaming) it would overheat quickly and your cpu would probably force the computer to shutdown cause it hit its heat limit. you can view your sensors inside your computer using a nice program called everest home edition (google it) its free and you can open it up, then click computer --> sensor... it should then retrieve the data... mainly only newerish computers will have such senors placed withen their hardware (common ones: gpu, cpu, and hdd) they all run at different temperatures, and some will be running higher then you would think they would... so just keep an eye on your temperatures when you turn on your computer, then every once n awhile check them again, and see if its starting to increase dramatically before it shuts itself down...
ur computer may be restarting due to overheating, moreover MY COMPUTER does not start if the CPU Fan RPM is not enough, coz once cleaning my comp, something was making the CPU fan slow, so it didnt start, displayed an error: CPU Fan RPM not adequate, contact ur computer administrator.
Yes, it is possible as the default settings in bios will immediately restart the computer if the rpm gets too low on your fan, this can be caused by bigger fans as they may run slower than smaller cpu fans.

You can change these settings or disable them completely in bios as some people use liquid or vapor cooling which obviously won't have an rpm to register to the hardware monitors.

Check those settings and also use the security checker for the variants of the virus mentioned above and that should solve your problems.
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