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Wonderful Egypt

[size=24]Situated in the North Africa, Egypt touches the Mediterranean Sea and is sited between the Gaza strip and Libya. Egypt, known for its architectural and cultural treasure, is a land of mystifying pyramids and amazing sand dunes and deserts. Egypt is one of the most favorable destinations among tourist across the world and reason why Egypt sees so many people packing their bag to its direction is that this land of mummies has lots more to offer to its tourists.

Following are some of the Egyptian attractions and interesting sites which you can always visit during your holiday in Egypt.

Cairo - The capital city of Egypt is known for its renowned 'Cairo museum", a building that is collection of startling antiques and historical treasures as well as a building that gives a breathtaking view to the city. as well as for the thousands and thousands years old mummies, after all Egypt is called the land of mummies.

Red Sea Coast, Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, The Nile River, Siwa Oasis, Abu Simbel, The Valley of the Kings, Hurghada, Luxor
My biggest dream is to visit Egypt in the near future! I must go there:)
I love Egypt due to its undiscovered places or cities, tombs by pharoahs, and many others. I wish I could discover something there if ever given a chance to visit Egypt someday.
Would you say it's necessary to have some previous knowledge of Arabic, or do a lot of people speak English?
I'm sure that in the tourist places english is pretty common. At the very least there would be a guide who could interpret for you.
kalliewalker wrote:
Would you say it's necessary to have some previous knowledge of Arabic, or do a lot of people speak English?

i had been in Egypt just for a few hours but i heard a lot of local people speak English, so i think it is not necessary to learn Arabic, but to have a better understanding of the place you can have a small book of translation (Arabic - English) with you.
I've been two two cities in Egypt: Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh. Sharm El Sheikh three times for diving in the Red Sea. I enjoyed the diving as diving at Sharm El Sheikh is of the highest standard in the world. Just a pity that Sharm is overdived at Ras Mohamed and all the other popular diving sites. It has ruined the marine environment as well as coral reefs and vegetation. Also Sharm is a bit overpopulated now during the peak seasons, and a security risk, with visible troops, so not sure whether I will visit it again very soon. Perhaps an onboard diving next time.

Cairo I was disappointed in. I expected much more from its museum. Some of the exhibits were propped up against walls, and so antiquated, almost a museum of museums. Taxis very old, of the eighties with not very honest drivers all the time.
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