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Nepal- The beholder of highest peak

Nepal is a beautiful country with lots of natural beauty. It lies in south Asian part. Although it is a poor country, it is very rich in natural beauty. The highest peak of the world, MT Everest falls in this country. It is 8848 M High. Light of Asia, Gautam Buddha is also born in this country.

There are many places to visit here. There are green forests and big rivers. It is the second richest country in water resources. It is a great place for rafting, trekking, bungee jumping, and all other kinds of adventurous activities.

Pokhara is the most beautiful city of Nepal. It lies in the western part of Nepal. It is very famous for its natural beauty. Machhapuchhre, a very nice mountain can be seen from here. Machhapuchhre ( It means fishtail, as the top of the Mountain is like the tail of a fish) is one of the most beautiful mountains of the whole world. The reflection of machhapuchhre in the water of Phewa Lake is very nice. There is also a Hindu temple at the middle of the lake, to reach which, you have to go by boat. There is also paragliding facility in the Sarangkot Hill of Pokhara. The lakeside of Pokhara(It lies near phewa lake) is a very famous tourist place. There are hundreds of Hotels and restaurants there.

You can get more information about Pokhara from or . If you find this information useful, please reply.
What about Tansen, Palpa? I hear its better than Pokhara but remains neglected. I bet it is the most beautiful place there. What do you think?
Its also sad to know sometime ago the rebels (who are now in government) had destroyed some really beautiful landmarks of this place. Well, the natural beauty still remains though.
Karnali region is good too. Besides, Illam, Dhankuta, Chitwan National Park remain popular among tourists.
Kathmandu is great despite of its chaotic traffic, and threshold defying air pollution, and stinking Bagmati. It is the only city with international airport. It depicts a good picture of unmanaged modernity. There are many things you could do, eat, shop, and explore within the Kathmandu, Patan, and Bhaktapur area. So if you are tired of moving in a system, and your life seems to be mundane, come to Kathmandu and sense the adventure.
Kathmandu used to be the heaven on Earth. Now: a secret conspiracy to destroy this heaven challenged its people and nobody knew and nobody knows yet, its dirty, wooo hoo hoooo Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad I think UNESCO must list it on the World Heritage site, it already got many world heritage sites inside the valley, but I propose the whole be put and taken care of. Its Kathmandu! beware of the himalayan times daily, its conspiring too.
Kathmandu used to be a nice place but is not anymore. The pollution is really degrading the city. The temples and other monuments of kathmandu are also in the way of destruction. And, see that bagmati! ooh! what a condition Sad . I think that the people in goverment should take this condition seriously. Atleast, it is the capital. And, i heard that a international airpot will be built in a place near chitwqan national park soon.. Very Happy
Being a guy from Nepal can't resist promoting Nepal the most beautiful place to be. You have to be here to know more. I have collected some information here.

If you are thiinking about security or things like that than it is not bad at all. It is very safe.
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Nepal - the most beautiful country in the world
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