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Some Wireless Help Needed

Okay, so, i want to have some wireless in my room. Currently, i have 2 wireless cards.

I have a D-Link DWA-130 External USB card, and a Broadcom Internal card on my laptop.

Now, i plan to use the D-Link one on my pc.

So what i want is to be able to access the internet from my laptop, though ive tried a few things to do this, there are alot of restrictions..

Heres a map of my current network.

And heres how i would like it to be (if possible)

Right now, i'm doing something similar to the last image, but... its not the best.

I've created an ad hoc network and am connected with my pc and laptop, and i set up a proxy server on my pc and am using the proxy to connect to the web on my laptop. Now this restricts me quite a bit, as it's an http only thing, so i have WLM and browsing, i cant play any of my games.

So is there any way i can have inet on my laptop in this form WITHOUT using a proxy. I thought a VPN might work but, is there any way besides a vpn also.

Laptop -> My PC -> Hub -> Gateway PC -> Router -> Inet

(sorry if this confuses anyone xD)

Uh, yeah... If this confuses you dont hesitate to ask questions.

Anyways, thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

NOTE: Oh, or alternatively does anyone know of a FREE socks5 proxy server software that i could use on my pc so i dont have to use this http one i've got hosted now. At least that lifts my restrictions a bit, and i could use another tool to play online tcp based games.
Why exactly do you NEED a proxy? They slow performance, they restrict content ONLY to you (do not act as any kind of a security measure), are more often then not only a single layer spoof and VERY easy to crack if your trying to get someone's IP address.

Your best bet would really to be to change that ad hoc network to just a wireless enabled WEP or WPA(better) network. Then just connect to it. Ad-hocs are really designed around the idea of NOT having a router imo. They basically just allow you to connect to a previously established connection (not sure if this is what your trying to do with your setup here?).

From the looks of it, you might not have control over the routers though (thus the elaborate scheme). In this case my best recommendation would be to go to your local electronics store and grab yourself a cheap wireless router. They sell some with 2 ports for like $40usd. You can hook that up at your desktops connection and then run a lan line from that to your desktop (expect performance decrease) and then create a wireless point from that.
No i dont have access to either of the routers. I tried making a non ad-hoc network but couldn't get it working. And having just spend $65 on my Wireless Stick, i'm not gonna wanna buy a router for something i'll only be using on weekends anyways.

As for the proxy, when i'm connected to my pc via the ad hoc, i have no internet activity (hence this topic) so i host a proxy server on my pc, which is only avaliable to everyone on the home network (no external access) and then i config. my browser and messenger to use that , which gives me some basic internet functions.
I believe that the link I post below should help you. I found the steps pretty accurate from my knowledge. Enjoy your labor day weekend hehe =P
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