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Have You ever been on a date through the internet?

How did it turn out? What would You advice others to watch out for?
I never have, but my girlfriend tried online dating for awhile.

My tips to you (from what I have heard from her):

1) Don't take it too seriously. Most people on online dating are weird, desperate, or both. If you aren't a weirdo, then it will take a loooong time to find someone that is datable material.

2) If you are female, be extremely careful about exchanging personal information, especially on the first date. People WILL stalk you. This kinda applies to males too, but not as much (females are more rational about stalking).

3) A lot of people with online dating just want to get laid. They really don't care about anything else. If you are looking for a permanent relationship, you might want to look elsewhere.

4) Don't restrict yourself to the internet. There are tons of real people, in the real world, looking to date people. Some people hide in their rooms, too timid to go out and just ask a girl (or guy) in person. Everything works out far, far better when you meet and go out with someone in person. With online dating, you end up "analyzing" the person's personality from their profile, and expect them to act a certain way from it. Even if they act better than you had anticipated from their profile, you might still be confused and wonder what their intentions are.

So to summarize: Avoid it if you want a serious relationship. If you're looking for a quick good time, go for it! But if you're trying to find companionship, nothing can replace real dating (NO INTERNETS!)
I never have, but known many that have. I, myself, don't classify it as dating because when will you actually see the person? And I don't really understand how you can have a "date" online. Where are you going to go?

My opinion is that online dating is a waste of time, and like squirrel said most people are looking to get "laid."
I met my current long-term relationship on the internet on a dating site, OKCupid. I msotly joined for the quizzes, and was dating someone at time (off and on.) So, when I answered a bunch of questions and OkCupid told me he was my closest match, I read his profile and added him as a friend. He was also seeing a girl at the time, so we were just friends. I had initially intended for him and I just to stayfriends & talk now and then since he seemed cool, but after a few months we were talking a lot and were really 'close' online, so we decided to meet in real life.

Needless to say it worked out great.

My advice to others is to be careful, especially with people who right away message/contact you with the intentions of dating you or calling you sexy, etc. It's better just to form a 'friendship' first, if possible. And always always be careful!
I have many friends that join dating websites and from my point of view you can't find your long term partner on a site like that. Profiles are so full of lies that sometimes you will meet people that don't even look like in the picture.
I think that you don't have to search for your soulmate, usually people made for eachother find themselves doing thier job, or simple things like that.

I think the internet is great for finding a fling, but your soulmate? I think meeting someone in person is much more genuine, and you are more likely to stay together, but thats just my opinion.
no, but i might try it later when i have more free time allotted solely for sexual experimentation and other such diversions.
Never tried because girlfriend would kill me Laughing
I only had something similar on PBF (and made for someone too Wink ) but still it was only game and both sides knew about it Wink
No, I'm not sure it would be sanitary... Rolling Eyes
I did...once...okay a couple times...
but I was young and I needed the money....

I could use some money now...

so hey! all you lame loners....
wanna date? 25 bucks and I'll
get neked and watch dork movies with you......?

just think about it.... Wink
Utopia GFR
I've been on the Internet since 1998 and I did experience relationships but dating wasn't really the main goal.

If you refer to websites such as where romance and love affairs are the primary key then I haven't so far been involved in online dating (especially that you have to pay to be granted full access).

Anyways, in most cases, people who meet chat partners offline can undergo strong feelings for each other eventually leading up to some sort of relationship (even though the initial point was only to go and meet up for a drink).

I never really had bad experiences about meeting e-partners but people should watch out for totally made-up individuals who happen to be really different from what they show you in front of their computer screens (like cheating on their real physical appearance, psychological behavior or just not being the gender you expected).

Worst thing that could happen (never happened to me though) is to be stood up for a date (or simple meeting).

You might avoid that unfortunate happening by knowing the person best you can online and by building up a strong trust relationship based on mutual respect.

You might check Wikipedia's article over online dating purposes for more information :


multimama wrote:
How did it turn out? What would You advice others to watch out for?
i never ever been on a date through the internet.
Heh. I've never tried online dating. Too busy flirting with real girls to bother.
I met my wife through the internet. A mailing list about ice hockey rather than a "dating website". We've been together for over 12 years - so it can work out !!

... it tends to not end well. I knew this girl who met a guy in another state and he somehow talked her into letting him move in with her (she paid for the moving expenses) within just a few weeks and even helped pay off his school loans. He was quite a loser, but in a sorry way, so I think she wanted to "fix" him. Long story short he milked her dry (didn't get a job, so she paid for EVERYTHING) within a year and then finally left for some other girl he met online.

Besides the financial damage the relationship did to her, the emotional scars were worse. I still don't think she's "right."

Of course something like that can happen in anywhere, but some people tend to let their guard down online and fail to realize that the person on the other side of the screen may not be as open as they are.

It wasn't that fun.

It took time to get comfortable around one another, and I never had a boyfriend before.

I think it's okay with people who are experienced and used to flirts.
I had long distance relationship once...It ended quickly in a few months because there was no way we could meet..We met on MySpace Crying or Very sad
I've met someone through the internet once. She was everything and then some. The only thing that made us different was that she was still into partying nightly while I had grown out of that to take on more responsibilities. Otherwise, it would have been worth taking on.

I never advise people to meet over the internet. Too many crazy bastards out there and no one is truly like they seem until you meet them. But I guess if all it is for is a good lay then by all means, have fun. You only live once.
Well, that would be quite stupid in my opinion. However, I like to talk to my friends via internet (girls Wink ), but these definitely aren't dates Razz
What about myspace? I meet girls on there that go to my school...that had no clue that ever went there. I haven't dated any of them but have become friends with a few. I don't think myspace would be considered online dating since everybody uses it
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