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Any indians around here??

Hey are ther any indians around here who watch indian films??

and yup those irritating indian "saans"(mother-in-law) "bahu"(i dont know, well maybe its daughter-in-law) serials?


I'm one who does! well.. not the saans bahu thing, but yaa i do watch indian serials and movies!
atlas i got one Indian here... Very Happy hey buddy am Akbar Basha from Chennai....
hey! n finally i got an indian!

Actually i remember sending this post months ago!

but wel, atleast now there is a response!

I'm aditya gaur from Bhopal! d city of lakes!
hi dude myself Abhishek fm patna......d city of knowledge
hey, welcome 2 frihost...

made any websites?
I am Indian, but dont really watch any Indian shows. Almost all of it is such crap. The only shows I liked have stopped production long time back - eg. Dekh Bhai Dekh and Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.
Yea here ones more INDIAN! ofcourse I do watch all bollywood movies...SERIALS! YUCK! i hate em! well like mtv roadies, splitsvilla thingy... Wink Guys, tel me...which one would be ur best movie released this year?
Late to reply here....
I am Indian too, from Mumbai area.

I don't watch too many TV shows, but do catch up on 'Bigg Boss' daily.
And the Comedy reality shows on the weekends.

Not watched any movies of late, except some stuff on the cable on and off.
Ahan, thats interesting. btw do u still use cables? I have bought my Reliance Big TV now and its more than just awesome! So cheap & crytal clarity + digital sound.
Why dont u switch to somethin like that?
guess will have to switch to that (after looking at the channel list and prices).

The only reason we have been still sticking to the old analog cable service is due to the cheaper rate.
But the cable quality suffers sometimes, especially during and after the monsoon period. Sad
Buddy for your kind information, Big TV has everything that you get on cable, including NEO Sports and all others, You just have to pay Rs.2000 in the begining and you get a free subscription for one YEAR!
And after that U just have to pay Rs.75 per month to getl all the channels again.
What SAY?
Thats the South Popular Pack.
Doesn't include Neo,HBO,Zee Channels etc.

Has anyone used Airtel Digital TV?
I'm not an Indian, But live clos to it.. Sri Lanka and once visited it.
SO Can I post here Rolling Eyes

I'm was a big fan of Hindi Movies till I got addicted to english movies and TV series Embarassed

But there are lots of Indian Movies and TV series in Lankan Channels. I think Some Shows never got popular in India even. The TV guys in Lanka just started flooding our TVs with Indian TV shows Mad

I love the Movies, But hate the TV Shows .. They are soooo long man
Rajiev wrote:
I love the Movies, But hate the TV Shows .. They are soooo long man

I agree with you. In recent years, reality shows were introduced as a new concept.
But now, even they have started becoming boring (at least some of them).
And incidents in most of these so-called 'reality' shows are actually scripted.
Tell me about it Confused

First in Sri Lanka, one Channel Copied American Idol. It was a great success. Then all the TV ppl thought... hey this is the thing and now i think there are around 15 reallity shows aired at the same time in different channel. All are mear coppies of other countries programmes. It's like a epidemic now.

The morans who are watching them, give away their penny by smsing to those shows Mad

Most of the time the winner is a totally unprected one Surprised as you said, I think they are planning the show and changing the results Neutral
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