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shoul i move on?

from the biggining....there was this girl
i didnt realy no her....but i started to hang out with her at her request.....i think it was hers anyway...
her best friend told me that she realy liked me.....i then looked bak...and i realised that i liked her a lot too.....
we started goin out..... it was my first gf...(shamefull)
about 8 months later we broke up......=( Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
she would tell me why...all i was told was it wasnt my falt..(i didnt belive that,dont no y but i didnt)
i moved out of my home and 300kms away a month later
and every day i think about her...i cant help it..
its the tort of her that brings me bak to earth...calms me down...
its been almost 20 months since i moved and i still think about her every day
cant help it...........
should i move on?
should i try and forget about her?
plz help me out here.......
i get this feeling inside of me that she diserves better but i cant help it selfish to ask for this
I'm sorry to hear that. I know how hard it is to move on from someone you love. How old are you? Remember the great thing is there are plenty of fish in the sea.

tick toc.

tick toc.

The past is the past and it's gone.
We can never get it back.

In the past are our memories. Some memories are good and some memories are not so good.

You are not her bf any longer but the fact that you were in her life can never be erased.

Cherish it?

tick toc.

tick toc.

If you ever see her or contact her again in the future . . .

tic toc,

we don't know what the future is going to be like . . .

regardless of who goes on to something - to some place - to some other or who reunites \ we all move on

tic toc.

You can however always keep her in a special place in your heart.

Think about life and how wonderful it is and if you wish to share those thoughts with someone, anyone, you will.
Guys always have a strong connection to their first girlfriends, but even more to the first person they ever had sex with. The thing is that you shouldn't mull over the experience, but you should take lessons from it. Look back on what happened with you too, and if you can't figure out what happened, then either of you might not have been mature enough for a healthy relationship. The main cause for break ups like this is because the girl is happy at first, but your nature progressively makes her unhappy. The key is to keep your woman pleased, but be subtle. Don't ask her what you can do, since you should know by now what she likes, and how she should be treated. Don't change from the good boyfriend act to your old slovenly self halfway through the relationship. You can do that when you're married because you're probably too jaded to think otherwise, but girls aren't always going to think of you the same way during a relationship, not unless you manage to make them feel good at any time.
Move on man, you may don't want to lose her as she's your first girlfriend. all what you need is just a new girl or a new relation. You are not experienced and may be you have a better destiny with another girl. You had a good time, so be sure to keep it that way. Don't push it to the dark side. She said it is not your fault, and it is. I think she just needed a man and it was you. You needed a girl and that was her. I think it is just that simple. So look for a nother and move on.
Da Rossa
she would tell me why...all i was told was it wasnt my falt..(i didnt belive that,dont no y but i didnt)

I was worrying about this particuarity but...
i moved out of my home and 300kms away a month later
and every day i think about her...i cant help it..

This means that this is supposed to be a life lesson. This pain you feel when you think of her is a transition. The heal: fill your mind with something pleasant, a job, a new project, something you feel useful and you feel that you're making a difference. And let the time do it's role.
My advice would be that you tell your first girlfriend that you keep having dreams about her and that you wanna get together again. Or my other option would be that you should move on but if it has a positive impact on your life than It's ok that you think about her all the time. This happens to a lot of guys. Don't worry! Talk to her on the phone and see how it goes from there, ask her if she wants to start a relationship again, alright?
first love is hard to forget and pains.... Just get some1 new who will care for u and love u.... U will feel a lot better and think about her a lot less
My advice would be that you should go and find a new girl. You shouldn't be thinking about her if she is not going to get with you in relationship. Drop dead or move alive, that's my call.
you gotta move on man. cant waste time on regrets, keep pushing forward.
she probably cheated on you and instead of confronting the situation she just didn't wan to deal with it.
I think you should move one. Whatever happened then is in the past and although it can be painful, you should learn from it and try to move on. I understand if you cannot forget about her but try putting it behind you, there are plenty of girls out there. Look around and you'll see Smile.
Move on. There's no good in thinking about her if there's nothing to gain from it.
It's always a difficult situation but I think you should move on.

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