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Half-Life 1 is better then 2'nd???

i think YES
it does not requires a lot of memory and still interesting
Never got out of the first part where the chamber blows up at the start

2nd one i would end up the other side of the room

Jumping out of my skin
Half life one was an awesome game but when i started playing HL 2... i fell in love lol, playing that game at night and jumping everytime something runs at you... ahhh good times
Generally speaking, HL2 was better. Wider variety of environments and greater variation in gameplay. Better, more engrossing storyline, backed by excellent voice acting and animation. Better array of weapons including the awesome gravity gun. Greater variety of adversaries, including most of those featured in HL plus the combine forces which featured everything from those little drones to the huge walkers.

The only complaint was the length of HL2. But generally I found HL overly long anyway given the lack of variety. I'd rather have a shorter game that kept me engrossed until the end compared to a game that lost its appeal before the end.

Don't get me wrong, Half Life was the best FPS of its time and for quite some time afterwards, but things have moved on and that shows in Half Life 2 given all that they achieved with it.
I liked halflife two for giving a more indepth story told more through the charactors , but i guess halflife2 was built on the foundation of halflife and its exspansions so weve got them to thank aswell
but overall halflife 2 is the better over the two
Half Life 2 in my oppinion. I'm very glad this game was released in 2004 because if it would have been released sooner I don't think it would have told such a good story with that tehnology. The Half Life series is a masterpiece, it makes you be the character and thats a quality that games rarely have.

Half Life was excellent, but it did not immerse you in the world the same way Half Life 2 did. Half Life was constrained to a very small portion of the world, whereas you were able to explore and interact with much more in Half Life 2.

To put it simply, I felt like I was Gordon Freeman in HL2. In HL1, I just was playing a game for fun.
It is obvious that technologically HL2 is better, but I doubt the author of this topic wanted to ask which game presents a higher level of graphics, sound, framerate etc etc. Rather he wanted to know which game is simply more fun to play and in my opinion it's HL2, since I never really played hl1 that much. I don't really like older games, even those legendary ones like HL1, I'm all for the new ones with cool physics and innovations.
I remember when playing Half Life 2 I was always scared shitless when that rope monster hanging from the ceiling caught me, it's like the only monster in games that truly scares me, dunno why Shocked
Half life 1 is one of my all time favorites.....!and i guess its better than the 2nd one...
I like the 2nd part because it got better grapichs and i like the gameplay more
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