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Eastern vs Western fighting arts

I dare not say martial arts cause I dont want a topic and what is considered martial arts.

but the question is basically this, which do you prefer and why.....this can be a discussion of which is better etc etc...
Oh, I really don't know, many will tell that Eastern is much much better, but in my opinion, if someone is good at his art, he's just good, no matter what his martial art is.
i agree any art is great but i think that eastern martial arts are too focused on the philosophy behind the art rather than actual bodyt training, sure I know karate and all other martial arts have great physical fighters, shaolin monks break metal with their heads etc but most of that can be learnt with straight physical training.

take the horse stance in karate - its useless, it serves no purpose in a fight.

plus the fact that most eastern arts have A LOT of useless stances like that and useless katas and techinique it takes a lot of time or should i say wastes a lot of time to learn it.

there is a saying

"it is better to practice one move 10,000 times, than to know 10,000 moves practiced one time."

makes sense....

so in that respect a western art like boxing is better then a lot of martial arts
Well I have to agree that Boxing is a great martial art, wrestling too. I'm gonna stay away from commenting on if one art is better than the other though! I think that comes down to personal preferance.

As far as forms or katas go, I have to say in their defense that a student must have some way of learning the moves. This is where forms come in. Many of the forms are the same moves just combined in different ways in order to teach the student how to combine the basic moves in numerous combinations. I agree that learning too many moves can lead to confusion. But my experience with Judo and Indonesian Silat is that they just teach a few basic moves, then the first form, and the next 2 forms are just a recombination of the basic moves.

You are correct though, practicing one good move 10,000 times is better than practicing 10,000 moves once!!

As far as stances being useless, I once made the comment to my instructor that the horse stance was uselss in a fight. Oh Boy did I get a lesson on that one. He explained and showed me how useful the horse stance really is. and his explaination included a lot of tossing me around.

I understand that doing the forms in a horse stance, and standing in one for hours seems quite useless. but the point made was that learning to seat down into a horse stance during a fight, and to fend off grabs holds and takedown moves using the drop into portion of the stance is quite useful and applicable in a fight. One of the examples he gave me was he grabbed me by the neck of my shirt and threw me to the ground, he then instructed me to do the same to him. As I grabbed his shirt, he dropped into a horse stance and I was unable to throw him. He then tried the same manuever on me, and dropping down into the stance stops the throw in it's tracks. Another good reason to drop into the stance and a low horse stance at that, is to prevent a double leg take down like wrestlers use. Each move has it's place in a fight!

Bummer about all this stuff is that the moves work quite well against untrained attackers. They don't work worth a crap against someone trained as well as you!! Just watch the ultimate fighting matches. As well trained as they are, they still struggle against well trained opponents, and it almost always comes down to wrestling!!

Bannik wrote:
I dare not say martial arts cause I dont want a topic and what is considered martial arts.

but the question is basically this, which do you prefer and why.....this can be a discussion of which is better etc etc...

Well if you want to base this question on the success fighters have had in Mixed Martial Arts fighting the western styles (boxing and wrestling notably) have generally been more successful.That being said Brazilian style which are somewhat of a hybrid have arguably been the most successful. I think, personally, though the edge has to be given to the western style because of their ability to take another fighter to the ground using typical wrestling. Nowadays the debate is somewhat pointless because true MMAs have to be well versed in a variety of styles.
I feel from a practical fighting stand point western martial arts probably are better than eastern ones. However now a days most eastern styles are more than just a way of fighting, they teach a way of life, which includes not being an aggressor.
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