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Forum Rules and Locking Topics

Ghost Rider103
Ok, lately I have noticed that a lot of topics have been getting locked, and some that could actually get pretty interesting.

I understand having rules is a must, including strict ones (which we have). I think that some of them do not need to be enforced for the slightest rules that is broke.

For example, the speed limit is 45MPH, and you are going 46MPH and you pass a police officer. Does he have the right to pull you ever? Yes of course. Will he? Probably not, as it is not that big of a deal.

But this is exactly what is going on here at Frihost at the moment. We are going over the speed limit 1MPH, and the police officers are taking the most harsh action as possible.

I don't mean to point out any specific moderator or start bashing anyone, but I suppose that I should post an example.

This topic here:

Actually had a decent point to it. Somebody works at a place where the elevator goes down quite often, and they are worried that one of these times it is going to happen to them.

They simply asked "What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator". That topic could get really interesting.

Sure people were sort of spamming by saying "I've never been stuck in an elevator" but then again the topic starter simply asked if you have ever been stuck in an elevator in his/her post, so in a sense the person who replied is still on topic.

I understand you mods are trying to follow the rules and enforce them, but sometimes it gets out of hand I think.

If I started a topic saying "What would you do if you were shot" and I was asking because I live in a neighborhood where people are shot and killed everyday, are you going to close my topic? Some information that someone provides me with could be very valuable to me if I really ever was shot.

This is the same kind of thread, with a different meaning yet it should not be closed as it could be highly valuable information that someone points out to me. Like how to stop the bleeding, etc.

There are MANY other threads I can make an example on, but like I said I don't want to point any fingers at anyone.

I just think it's becomming way to strict around here. In my opinion, our post count has dropped anyways, so locking topics will just lower it even that much more.

edit: nah just joking Razz

I agree that some topics might be closed a bit too easy, but most of the time it's hard to decide when a topic is still ok or when it isn't. The easy ones get spamcanned, but others are only closed until someone pms the mod and gives a good reason to reopen the topic (I did that multiple times).
perhaps questionable ones should only be locked if complained about?
So I posted in frihost support to ask why my Elevators thread was closed, and that was closed too, because of this thread here, and that's actually kind of funny:)

maybe they should just be closed if they're complained about--that's a reasonable suggestion. It seems like threads and discussions might lose some of the fluidity of natural conversation if everyone is trying to conform to specific guidelines when they post--like I'm sitting there wondering, "is this discussion meaningful enough? maybe I shouldn't say anything!"
the other topics about this which I locked because of this one:

maybe they should just be closed if they're complained about

A complain of a mod would also do? If not, would you rather have the complain of a user with 0 posts than that of an admin/mod?

I think most topics should just be locked before complains are made, but we (mods/admins) should sometimes be a bit less easy with locking topics. Some might seem useless to us, but interesting to others. Especially since this is a forum with people from all over the world ranging in age from 13 to over 50 (on registration you agree you are over 12 Razz).
I would like to voice my disgust at my topic about me and my wife buying a house being locked "because it should have been a blog" <--- thats the biggest load of bull for locking a topic i've ever want to encourage people to post on here and continue to grow the site and you lock topics from members who are excited about a big event in their lives and it gets locked with that lame excuse?

Come on Frihost mods, lift your game

edit; rvec that wasnt aimed at you, i know we've had run ins and you locked my other topic, but my rant wasnt aimed at you Razz
I was reading through some of the new posts, which included many of the ones that people have been talking, thinking about whether or not they should have been closed, when voila i spot this thread.

I do think some threads are locked prematurely. I say this as opposed to unfairly, because it is ineveitable that some threads will eventually lose interest and will end up being locked, whereas these threads are only being locked days after they have been started. Locking a thread because it 'doesn't seem to have a point' does seem a harsh way to make the decision as to whether a thread should be locked, when it seems to be only one person's decision on whether it should be locked, and not the decision of a large number or people.

Taking the example of the thread about getting stuck in an elevator, IMHO that thread has a perfectly reasonable point. I suffer from pretty bad claustrophobia, and would gladly welcome other people's advice on how to cope if i ever found myself i this situation, and it had been my intention to post in that thread before it was locked. There are many other threads on this forum (not mentioning any names) that have less of a point than the elevator thread, and yet these threads are still open despite me reporting about them numerous times.

I realise that Frihost has rules about what constitutes a 'good' thread, but surely different people have different ideas about what a good thread is. Regarding the elevator thread, i didn't see anybody posting something that could be classified as spam, and the original poster seemed to have started the thread in good faith, so why was it closed. Regarding one of the thread that i have reported (we shall name it Thread X) many of the posts could be regarded as spam, it has no real relevance to anything and a similar thread to it was closed before in the past. In my opinion, out of these two the former is much more of a 'good thread' than the latter, yet of the two is the one that has been locked.

This post (actually looking back it seems more like a speech, but hey thats life) is not aimed at blaming the staff for all the bad threads that are still unlocked, but to simply add my opinion to the many others that this situation has created. And if this does some good, hey even better.
if you think any thread has been closed and shouldn't be closed you should contact the mod/admin that closed the thread. If you have a good reason to have the thread reopened I am sure the admin/mod will reopen the thread.
But surely if the mod/admin has locked the thread for what they believe is a perfectly good reason, my plea for them to reopen it will fall on deaf ears, whatever reason i give. Its kinda like a judge sentencing you to the death penalty and then you asking them to reconsider. It gets you nowhere.
I would think a mod would reopen a thread if someone made a valid case to do so. assuming that the mods aren't closing threads out of spite or vengence, but b/c they're doing their job, I'm sure they're reasonable enough that they would consider another POV from their own. right?
I guess so. And regarding your thread, several people have made the opinion that they feel it should be reopened, so it would at least suggest that it requires some consideration.

We'll have to wait and see.
That would be nice. I still think it would be good to hear how other people reacted to being stuck in an elevator. Did anyone ever see that ep of 6 feet under with the guy who tried to get out of the elevator when it was half in and half off of the floor and some people were trying to pull him out?... well, lets just say it might be on my mind if I ever have a stuck elevator situation myself. bad news.
Ha, we're in danger of turning this thread into a rebirth of the elevator thread. If we continue to deviate from the main topic it could get locked Very Happy Very Happy
good point--i'll shut up!
The staff knows this now. The closed topics are not closed by me (so I won't reopen them) and this topic is really getting off topic.
If you want a topic reopened pm the mod that closed it, they will at least reconsider and if you have a good reason they'll at least give the topic a chance.

  1. We do try to synchronize our moderating style as much as possible, but every moderator will value things differently. Yes, I might be considered as a "harsh moderator" when it comes to General Chat topics, but that's because the forum is called "General Chat" and not "The Dump".
  2. As we can't be watching each forum all the time, moderating action may come in "waves", and that might create several locked topics in a row.
  3. Each moderator has a profile, and therefore a PM function, and people should know that we are still human and YES with a friendly PM you might defend your point successfully. If one decides to go the "public attack" way, your chances diminish big time.
  4. As mentioned by TurtleShell, we are only doing our job, so you should not take things as personal as some people are doing right now. Moderation is and should be a bit stricter in the General Chat section.

As this topic is closed, you are free to PM me if you feel the need to. Please keep our forum rules (1c,1d,1f,2g) in mind when doing so.


About the "elevator" topic: You made a valid point and you made a decent and polite topic about it. Your topic has been reopened.

About the "second house" topic: The moderating team agrees with my decision for 100%. It is a blog post, please use our blog.
Just one more thing, folks. If you feel your topic has been unfairly or prematurely closed, or if you'd like to ask a Moderator why he's closed your topic, please feel free to send a Private Message to the Moderator or to another Moderator. Any questions regarding staff actions should not be asked in the public forums.

Secondly, there have been multiple cases where a Moderator has locked a topic, but upon request and discussion with the user, these topics have been re-opened. So, if you think that your closed topic should really be open, you can PM someone about it.
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