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Historians get in wrong again

Just watched the Time Team special on the hill forts of the UK. This just shows you how the historians of an era can serious get things wrong. The hill forts to the Victorian antiquarians, were supposed to be built by the Romans, as they thought that the ancient Brits were to primitive to be able to build such monuments. Later last centuary they said they were fortifications built by the Iron Age Brits. Now it turns out they were not forts at all but ancient cities or towns built on such a large size with pride and a bold staement to all arround that here were a prosperous and cultured goup of people. So how wrong can you get.
This is the type of thing that makes me mad. Historians present so many things as fact based on a small discovery. Most of what they put forward as fact is speculation. It just amazes me that we have not learned our lesson after so many years of getting things wrong. Why can't they simply present the information and POSSIBLE theories? At least have a disclaimer that says we only have a small part of the puzzle. As more parts of the puzzle are uncovered, new, different theories may arise.
Well, we should be clear about whether we are talking about historians, palaeontologists or archaeologists.
Historians, in my experience, work from a factual framework (treaties, meetings, births, deaths, dated events), make use of primary and secondary sources and pull together a coherent narrative.
Where a historian is conjecturing then it should be clear from the text (otherwise he/she is being unprofessional).
Thanks for pointing this out Bikerman. After you pointed this out and made me think about it a bit, I agree so I apologize to any historians that I may have offended.
I never have any respect for history. Now you maybe asking why. History always writing in the eye of the winner, and historians always shape history on the basic what they want it to be, and rarely on fact and evidence.
that is crazy how wrong they can be, well there you go you cannot always trust history channel!! lol
History, as written, is not perfect. But it is a truly powerfull weapon to use in just about every aspect of life. From finances, like picking stocks or using trends, to relationships the information forwarded by others who have gone before us is invaluable. You just have to have the common sense to filter the information while keeping in mind who's perspective this information is coming from and what's their motivations.
Yes it's strange to see that historians can be so wrong... Shocked
George W. Bush will leave office with popularity ratings not that dissimilar to Harry Truman when he returned to his home in Missouri. It wasn’t until many decades had passed that historians began to laud the Marshall Plan that saved Europe from the Soviet Union’s aggressive intentions (the Yalta Conference had already ceded all of Eastern Europe to them). The Berlin Airlift was another gutsy stick in the eye to the Russian bear.

how do u guys think this guys gonna go down? worst president ever?
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