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Dog: Pure Breed Vs. Mutt

Hello All,

I've been curious to get a dog for a while now.
Now, with a place of my own I'm going to attempt to get one.

I have had alot of interaction with a variety of different dogs, and have grown up with a few during my lifetime.

Being that as it is, I was considering getting a border collie (known for intelligence).

Now my question, to the masses, is:
Is it really worth getting a pure bread dog?
I've always heard they are mostly inbread and therefore less intelligent than mutts.
Other than that, and the price for a pure bread, I don't see much of a difference in my mind.
I've had mutts before and don't see any problem,

I've had both mutts and pure-breads. While some breeds are better at certian things than others, overall I don't see a real big difference. Each dog has thier one personality and act diffrently, even within the same breed. I think if you train the dogs well you won't have a problem weather they are pure of mutts.
We've always had either cross-breeds, or "common" breeds (GSD / Collie).

The logic behind this is that inbreeding is not good, and with the less common breeds, in order to maintain the line it is more likely that the options of breeding pairs are restricted.

With the more common dogs, there are many potential mates, and therefore, less chance/need for cross breeding.

Having said that, my preference is for rescue dogs, of any flavour !! If I can save a mutt from being put to sleep, then I enjoy the challenge... and hopefully we can become best buddies.

I prefer pure breeds, but from more common breeds (not from a rare breed that might be inbreed).

I find most mutts are not as intelligent, are more troublesome and they often look ugly.
1st: Adopt. Both pure-breeds and mutts are easily available that way.
2nd: Once you get to where you're adopting one, pay no attention to breed. If you find a mutt you like, get that one, if you find a pure-breed you like, get that one.

Intelligence and personality, despite what people will tell you, are mostly dependent upon how the dog was raised and trained. If its owners spend a lot of time with it and play with it and teach it, it will be intelligent, loving, and loyal, as much as you could ask from any dog. If its owners ignored it most of the time, it will be stupid and annoying. Compared to the difference training and raising makes, the differences you'll find between breeds are tiny.
I know a lady who bred Border Collies, she says they should not be kept in a home with children, because the bite and nip, due to the fact that they were bred to herd cows and sheep.

On the question asked, I have had both, pure breeds and mutts, it totally depends on the dog. Most dogs will be as good as they are treated.

Good luck on the new dog.
I heard that mutts are generally more intelligent, being that they come from a larger gene pool. Apparently alot of Pure breeds are inbred. =S
GoldWyvern wrote:
I know a lady who bred Border Collies, she says they should not be kept in a home with children, because the bite and nip, due to the fact that they were bred to herd cows and sheep.

Again, that would depend on some training. My parent's dog was bred to herd cows and hunt hogs. I've seen the dog try to heard people around by running beside them and pushing them, and I've seen her automatically assume the 'pointing' stance like the best of hunters, but while I've seen the dog's parents easily intimidate and control a 300 pound pig, my parents' dog has never shown any violent tendencies, especially not around their new 1 year old adopted son.

A dog's genetics give it the ability to do things, but in order to actually do them, they have to be encouraged by training.
Although some mutts do look ugly, you can find a cute adorable mutt at the pound. generally, they are healthier and more friendly BUT are harder to train.
Mutts are cheaper, but with a purebred you're probably more likely to know what to expect, providing you know a little about the breed you're adopting.
My dog is a purebred, and by hanging out with friends, i found that it is better to have a purebred dog, because you can register it with the AKS.
hlavco wrote:
Mutts are cheaper, but with a purebred you're probably more likely to know what to expect, providing you know a little about the breed you're adopting.

My sentiments exactly.
For large dogs it is definitely better to get a pure breed or to at least know it's history.
If there is any inbreeding (i mean when familymembers mated) then you have a much higher chance of getting a dog with HD. Other family illnesses can come to light by just looking at the history of your dogs family. If you don't want your dog to get ill at young age, it is essential that you know of it's roots. Even if a pure breed is more expensive, it might actually save you money and tears in the long run.

I don't see any big difference between mixes and purebreeds.

You should ask your self what do you wish. Do you carre about how dog should look? And do you carre about carracter of the dog? Or you just wish a dog for a companion and look and carracter are not very important?

If you take a purebreed dog and if you choose a good breeder you should get a dog with breeds tipical look and carracter...for example you are buying a hunter dog, so you shouldn't get a dog without hunting instict. And pedigree dogs breeders also make health tests with their dogs, so chances to get geneticaly health dog are bigger. You also know the history of a dog. Who were his parrents, what illnes did they have, were they successful in what were they doing....

If you take a mix...well how will you know who is the father (sometimes even a mother) and how big will this dog be? How long and what quality will be his coat? Will you be able to work with him or he will be kind of lazy, sleeping all day dog.

I deceded for pure ones. I am addicted to newfies. To how they look like. I love big black dogs with long coat. But I also like their addiction to owner and their family. I like their calm nature. They are just too perfect for me Very Happy

But a few years ago I had a mix. It was beautiful, if was mine, it was the smartest, but he had a strong hunting instinct and when he grow up I was not able to control him anymore. He was escaping over and under the fence and I was just a child. But luckily we found great instructor and we deal with this problem. Unfortunately he was very ill since he was puppy but he was with us about 4 wonderful but tough years.

You realy should think about what you want and how many time do you have for dog.

Good luck deciding!
Pure breed dogs have a lot more general health problems. Mutts have stronger imune systems.
Nope, mixes don't have stronger imune sistem. Some dog breeds have such a small genetical pool that all of them or at least most of them are related to each other. And breeding related dogs means (mostly) health problems. You ave to know...if you breed related dogs puppies will become good and bad genes. If dogs are wonderful, puppies can be, but if they are recesive to an health isue, puppies may be sick.

This has nothing to do with imune sistem. Well also IS has something to do with genetics, but mostly it depends on food and environment where they live.

So generaly - mixes don't have stronger imune sistem, bu they are "geneticaly" more health. Ofcourse if we are not talking about some small closed places where also mutts are all related.
I have a purebred german shepheard and her immune system literally failed itself, its now turned against itself and i have her on medicine to completely shut it down and it will be less than 6 months before she dies, my point is immune systems are more about the type of dog and even if u get a "mutt" now known as "mixed breeds" they sitll have the blood of a pure bred this and pure bred that in them, so along with the breeds comes the health problems.
I have a Rottweiller and two mutts

I must say that the mutts do seem to have less health problems and are easier to look after than the Rotti. The Rotti is definitely smarter though, which is not always a good thing. Laughing Laughing

They are all good dogs though and I could never pick a favourite from the three.

Get the type of dog that you really want to have and I'm sure you won't regret it, whatever type it is.
Is it really worth getting a pure bread dog?
I've always heard they are mostly inbread and therefore less intelligent than mutts.

I also had both: pure breed and mutts. In my experience, pure breed are not less intelligent, but they tend to have behaviour, that is breed-specific. As far as I know, strong deviations are excluded from future breeding. Let make a parallel: pure-breed horses, that I know only from books and films. If you obtain such horse, it's YOU who should met certain expectations and provide good conditions, that allow breed specifics display itself at the best. Positive part, that you can proudly display it to the guests or, if the breed is very unusual or cute, get a lot of affection from the people on the street, passing by during the dog walk.

Like people, not bred by their traits, but freely, they are all different. And unless you take a look, even brief, on what you are getting, you can get anything (but this is hypothetical case, everybody chooses). It could be sickly, could be strong, could be more understanding, than many people that I know, could be not interested in your opinion at all. The positive part is, that when adopting a mutt, people tend to find a soul mate - look in the dog eyes and know, that it is YOUR dog, at once - not a prized pedigree by it's parents' achievements.
The negative part is: you get a friend and companion (same for the pure breed), but unlikely you will experience Oh! and Ah! from other people, unless they are feel the same, as you, about this particular dog.
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