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Looking for some system ($500, if done right)


I'm looking for someone to make a system for me. I'll try to explain as much as possible but it might be a bit vague so don't hesitate to ask questions.

What I want is a kind of message system for me and my friends to send messages to the main site and publish them there. So there is an index.php, which shows all posts and some fields below in which users can enter their name, password and message. The usernames and passwords should be stored in a single file in which me (the site owner) can edit to add more users and change passwords just by editing a single file.

When the user filled in all the information and filled the textfield with his message. The message appears on top of all other messages with the name, date, time, ip and the message itself. html is allowed in the boxes, anything is allowed. They won't hack me because I know them personally.

The messages can be stored in a flat file as well and when a new message is posted the html of the message will be added at the beginning of the flat file so it can only increase each time a post is made. This is no problem or anything.

For the graphics of the system there shouldn't be any complex stuff. Every message must be in it's own box, that's all.

I hope that was enough detail for the system. Again, ask questions if you don't understand.
Now I will go to the payment. Multiple users can submit their works and the work I think is the best will get the full price. If it's exactly the way I said it should be there you get the full 500 frih, if you somehow deviate or lack features then you'll get between 200 and 500, depending on what I think it's worth. It's a bit crude of you put all your hard effort into making this system and I pick some other guy's work to use so I'll pay the people who put serious effort into it as well. The 4 best get frih$ 100.

Now some other stuff:
The work I picked to use, that work can not be displayed on any other website other than mine. You give me full permission to do whatever I want to do with it but I'll keep your contact information if you want.

So, I think that was it, if there are any questions, post them up and I'll get to them as soon as possible.
I think it would be easier to do with mysql instead of text files (also faster). If you want to do this on frihost I could write something like that, but since I will only get frih$ for it I want to also put the script on my site (as a zip file).

I'd make one table for the users and one for the posts, a registration page, a login, a kind of guestbook page with all the posts, an admin page to add, delete and edit users/posts and I think you should limit some html (like <script>), or remove the registration page and only enable admins to add users.
That's way too complex. my friends won't bother using html except for <b> tags and such. And I wish to have flat files. Although mysql is better, I have my reasons to pick flat files Smile
so you just want 2 txt files, and one php page that can read from both and write to one of the pages. Shouldn't be too hard, but I'd still want to put the file on my website.
It's better than nothing... Ok you can put it on your site.
spamcanned the random post and the replies. Next time please report it.

I'll start working on it, but it might take a while. I have some other stuff to do.

edit: see if you like this:
You need to remove the var_dump() on line 7 of "users.php".

(Thought I'd better let you know in case you forgot.)
richard270384 wrote:
You need to remove the var_dump() on line 7 of "users.php".

(Thought I'd better let you know in case you forgot.)

oops Embarassed
Updated it, thx.
Random posts and replies? Didn't see a thing Razz

I'll look into it tomorrow, I should be doing homework and came to quickly check my messages.
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