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Which version of php?

I got the pc format for Wrox publications Php 5...

Its a good book, but i got stuck just at the begenning!

The book says that the latest version of php released was 5.something.something!!

I went to the website to download that version, and, well....... it wasn't there.......... so i downloaded another version, then the book told me to make some changes in the apache config notepad file... i made thoes and the thing didnt work!! arrr.... Evil or Very Mad

Well, basically my question is that which version of phph is the best (on which i can get a tutorial to congigure it with apache too), and will it work with the functions given in Wrox publication's book or not....

Please reply soon!
I think you should download 5.2.6 and if the book describes some older version search the web or ask here whenever something unexpected happens which you can's solve on your own.
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