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Three Point Circle

Hi everyone,
Here’s an amazing program by Pokhara Softwares. I found it somewhere in the internet. It is a three point circle. You have to click on any three points in the window and the program will make a circle, whose circumference will touch every points! It is a nice and small program to play with. You may think that it is impossible to draw the circle thinking of different combinations, nut, the drawing of circle is not possible if any of two points fall in same vertical or horizontal line. You can download the Program Here. It contains C source files and executable file. I first downloaded the program from the internet with its source code but forgot from where I downloaded it from. So,I zipped the source code and executable and saved again in the internet You can download it<removed, google/gmail link>
If you want to post a link to the source, you should host it first, or upload it to a free file sharing host.

Yes, I know very well about the three point circle (it's fun). Liberty Basic (a Basic programming language for Windows I have used before) also includes a demo of this.

However, I think you are wrong when you say that the circle can't be drawn if two points are aligned horizontally or vertically. I have tested this, and believe that the circle can be drawn as long as not all three points are aligned Wink

For example (in the Liberty Basic demo) if you choose the three points:

p1 = (185, 79)
p2 = (185, 99)
p3 = (223, 87)
(both p1 and p2 shares x = 185)

then it gives me a circle with the center point at (202.736842, 89.0) and a radius of 20.36162.
I also used the three point circle in liberty basic package. I have also made myself a three point circle clone in c++
Yeah! i have also used three point circle. It is preety cool and i cannot download the link. Please provide another link. I have not registered liberty basic and i can't take it in exe form. So, please post a link to a valid link not a gmail link.
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