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Anyone play WOW?

WOW, short for WorldOfWarcraft is a MMORPG, made by Blizzard, one of the best game company in the world.

The game is fun, addictive:
Good graphic, easy to learn, is made to please almost anyone, casual gamer or hardcore gamer.
You can decide to PVE or PVP, you can chose from 1 of the 9 class and 1 of the 8 races in the game. Those who played the warcraft serie will feel at home and those who don't will be able to learn quickly about the story. There are tons of items and you can see the different graphic for each item on your character. The level space is good, in average you can go from level 1 to level 60 (max) in 20 game days.
The economy is stable, not much hacks and if there are somes, they will be quickly eliminated.
WOW has nearly a million of players and are available in most country.

Overall, if you want to play a MMORPG, you get WOW.
You will be wow, I can assure you about that.

nah. i dont like this game, because all my friends play this shi... game. and its expensive. :d

Just because it IS a little expensive, especially to freebies like us who probably don't even purchase games anymore because we know how to get them FREE of charge, doesn't mean the game is $&^P

In my opinion, if it wasn't for the incessant lag we 100Mbps get in populated areas, this game would be #1!!!

However, I do agree that the subscription is a little pricey considering the latency issues which surround the 2 million!!! registered users Blizzard so proudly professes. Are you trying to tell me they can't drop their subscription fee a little $5 considering the lag we're exposed to AND the fact that their making 30 MILLION US a month on subscriptions alone!?!

I think their being a little greedy!

But! as I said before, this is one of the best multiplayer games around and THE best MMORPG to date!!!
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