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Would anyone use this website?

I created a new website, but now that I'm looking at it, I don't think it's a good website because I don't think many people would need to use it. Basically, I just created a website with forums and a place where you can post articles. It's a travel website. My idea was that if someone is going to go somewhere, they may want to talk/get ideas from people that have either been there or that live there. That's where the forums come in. The forums are all designed for traveling and you can network with people who have been where your going to see what its like. And then I created a basic php article script so that people can post articles about their recent trips so that other people can see if it's a place they'd like to go. I also allowed people to create basic profiles of themselves so that they can network a little. Would anyone actually use my website? I want to know that before I open my wallet and buy my domain name. If no one would use it, I'll just change the website to something else (which is really easy because I always make my websites using a really large content management/admin panel php script that I wrote a long time ago).
Although I never travel, your website sounds very interesting and could probably get very far in the future. I've heard a lot of people saying "I wish I read some reviews about this, and got a second opinion" and I think that's where your site would come into play. If I was to travel, and I was curious about something no way would I wait, I would post on a site like yours.

I would defiantly keep your site running, but advertise it as much as you can. Soon enough, if people like the theme and setup and believe it's worth while you'll get somewhere.

Good luck with your site.
Thanks. I just needed some confirmation that someone would actually visit my site. I often have difficulty when it comes to having confidence in my work. I didn't think that anyone would use it. Now that I know that some people will use it, I think I'll open it soon. I'll put another week or two into my site (making sure I don't have any bugs, making it look nicer, more user-friendly, more options, etc.), then I'll buy a domain, then I'll get google adsense, and then I'll be back here to advertise it!
Hey, your site sounds fabulous to me!

It just needs a little recognition, the rest will happen it self, did you think about a good name??

If you site get a high page rank, then it is going to rock for sure!

Tell your friends and family about the site, and tell them to write some articles, this will make the site look as if it has been used by many people, so new members will get in...!!

To sum things... Go for it!
Ghost Rider103
Sounds like a great idea to me.

I don't travel that much, but I do travel every once in a while.

If I liked the looks of your site and all, I would actually visit it quite often.

Hope it starts up soon, good luck.
It's a great idea. I'm in Southern California like you, and there are really cool little places that people in Des Moines, IA (for example) would never find out about unless they had a site like that - and I'm sure there are cool places in De Moine - etc. Go for it.
speeDemon wrote:

It just needs a little recognition, the rest will happen it self, did you think about a good name??

Not really... I'm having the most difficulty with the name because so many domain names are already registered! Every time I think of something, the domain is already registered.


How do these sound?

I know those are terrible, but I tried over 100 domains, and that's all I could get. I couldn't get anything with the word "travel" in it, because EVERYTHING with those words are taken! It's annoying! What makes it even more annoying is that I visited many of those websites that had domains that I couldn't get and they were all run-down or abandoned websites. Some didn't even exist (so the domain was just registered - what a waste). But do any of those sound nice to anyone?
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