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Steel Toed Boots

Okay, so, i work in a warehouse where we drive motorized pallet jacks , and slug stuff onto pallets.
As part of our job, we are required to wear steel toed boots. So today, i was on my last order, and i was taking down a pallet, and there wasnt enough room between what the pallet was sitting on and me, so i ended up dropping it on my foot. Now, my toes are fine, but, those boots dont protect the top part of your foot thats close to your ankle. Shouldn't they put some protection up that far? Now i'm off work for a week, and my foot is huge , and sore as anything lol. It didn't break but, ... i forget what the nurse said.. tendonitis? swelling of the tendons.. or something rofl.

Anyways, setting that part aside, here's my question ,

Does anyone know what might be good to put on my foot to ease pain?
I took an extra strength advil earlier, the nurse said use an icepack or something but... i cant stand having cold things on my feet. Would something like Rub A5-35 work? Ever since i took my workboot off it's been REALLY REALLY sore.
My guess is that they don't put protection at the top because it would make the boots much less flexible (meaning less comfort). I think all you can basically do is wait for your foot to heal and for the pain to go away. You can try icing your foot. Good luck!
try using the cream used for horses when they are injured... i use that stuff for similar applications
They don't have protection over the whole surface of your foot because it would make the shoes impractical (and uncomfortable) so they just focus on the toes. They're the most prone to breakage I suppose.

As for your foot, I can't suggest any better than an ice pack or cool towel. Don't put heat or heat rub on it, it'll only draw more blood to an already swollen area.

*moved to health and beauty, seeing as you're asking for medical advice
okay thanks Smile it's still pretty sore today, but i can kind of walk on it a bit better now.
Where would you draw the line though?

We protect the top of the foot with steel then the legs then the stomach then the arms.....

Okay I'm ready for work now :p
Ghost Rider103
You could try putting your foot in warm water.

When I used get extremely sore muscles, taking a hot shower always felt really nice. I even got to the point where I would take a really hot bath when I was sore, and it felt great, and eased the pain.

Hopes this helps, but your probably all good by now.
If this injury happens again stick your foot in a chest feezer. Razz
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