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how od i know if i am in love

i mean i know its silly but i really would liek to know this before i die

i been with this girl for about a year and we are getting along good but we do fight alot is that how love is?
Some relationships need fighting to keep the dynamics of love intact. It's rare though.

You will know when you are in love. It's a very hard to describe feeling. You feel like nothing matters in your life but you and her (or him).
It might sound cliche, but you'll know you're in love when you don't need to ask... and just know.

To me it's caring about someone unconditionally, and a sense of your relationship with them as much a part of your life as your work, education, etcetera. When you think ahead, you factor them in without conciously doing so.

And to answer your question, yes a loving relationship involves fighting. People aren't perfect, and when you get to know someone intimately and start spending more and more time with them you're going to notice their bad habits. They're going to make mistakes that involve you. And thus yes, you're going to fight.

The mark of a healthy relationship is where these fights are not permanent, and in the long run the good times outweigh the bad. Open communication and honesty, even when it hurts, and all that jazz.
Trust me even the seemingly perfect couples bicker like crazy. An occassional fight is nothing. But the time it takes you guys to reconcile might show something. So make sure you do not sleep on and arguement or sulk through. Just talk it out whenever you find that there might be any misunderstanding. And finally relax, take it easy, thats how life and relationships go.
True love. As stated above, you just know when you are. Love is a funny thing like that. No one can really tell you for sure if what you feel is love, only you will know. As for fights and all that, people are not the same, therefore they have different interests and opinions and these differences are bound to cause minor problems and fights but if it's true love, the fights should not be serious or last very long. True love triumphs over fights, all you have to do is talk it out and continue on with the good times in life.
I can't do much else but agree with what the others have said. When you're in love you'll simply know it. It's something that cannot be described. Yes, you'll feel butterflies but I've found that something like that disappears over time. Trust the others that posted and trust me, when you're in love you will know and you shouldn't worry about not feeling it because I can assure you that won't happen Smile.
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