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There is a possibility to travel to Portugal next October. I have never been there.

There is someone who knows Portugal - Lisbon? or there is someone who already lives there, who can give me some travel suggestions?

I am especially concerned about climate, it is so cold at late october? what kind of clothing should I bring? or is it better to buy a coat there?. Please take into account I live in a country without seasons, so I do not have winter clothes.

I'm from Portugal, I don't live in Lisbon but I can help you a little.
About weather, don't worry too much, at October's end it will probably still warm (with some luck you may even go to the beach Wink ), you may see some rain but nothing special. You will need to bring one or two coats "mid season" because at night it gets cold (10 ºC) principally if you're near the river or the beach.

A must "see" it's the "Bairro Alto" ("High Quarter", I really don't know how to translate it to English Razz), it's a zone where people gathers from all the city, you have many streets with pubs, were people stays outside drinking and socializing. I think during the day light its interesting too, some peculiar stores but I really don't know because I only know "Bairro Alto" at night Razz

You'll have also to go the zone called "Belém" were you'll find some of the most important historical monuments of the city/country, and there in the coffes you'll have to try a small cake called "Pasteis de Belém".

Other gastronomical advices, if you find try this: "Francesinha", "Cozido à portuguesa", "Carne de Porco à alentejano", "Sardinhas na brasa" and you have also some "fish restaurants" really nice.

For the moment it's what I remember. Were at frihost there are some Portuguese guys, probably from Lisbon, so they'll advise you better Wink
Thanks for your suggestion and advice. I hope the Visa thing solves quickly to travel there as I have planned.
What a wonderful coutry that Portugal. I have visited it 8 times but I have never been bored of it.

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