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Oh, my gosh.......!!

I've seen a few really Nice-Looking Professional website by Frihost. Being a newbie, I am just curious to know how many pros vs. amateurs like me ? Sad How did you start to learn the languge to build a website? I know nothing about computers, except emails and browsing websites. Thanks !
a nice expression i used this when we see my friends or when we are talking .hehe GOSH.
I know some minimal HTML, but not enough to make a good website entirely from scratch I use FrontPage or Dreamweaver or something for that and it turns out just as good.
I just whipped together mine in notepad using html. Nothing fancy.
Pretty nice actually
Building a nice website doesn't have to be hard or very complicated.

A little tip, you could start by making a website positioned entirely using css.
It really simplifies the work when you take it into consideration when you first start to learn to make websites.

Then when you want something more advanced you could for example include a simple php require script, and there you go, a dynamic website.

here's the source for one of my sites (notice the id tags, they refer to different id's in

I wouldn't exactly call myself a pro either.
I suggest you to use a CMS like wordpress. Once you host on the CMS, all you need to do is edit few things which will be easy. That's what I have done for my blog
Thanks for the reply, guys............Everything is so COOL !!!! Smile
Before Frihost, I tried which is for sure lazy person's approach (drag and paste,)......sounds like I've got to learn some very basics, though Embarassed
I suppose I took the hard way by learning html in a college class, though that is possibly the best way to learn it if you want to really know how to do things.

Wysiwyg editors are good for simple things, but a good knowledge of html will help greatly if you want to have content changed by scripts, where you'll have to write your html code broken into component pieces and in parts of a php script...
I am an amateur. I read online tutorials and viewed source code. I do want to clean up my webpages a little more. Will probably try using css.
I bet you're not talking about me =P

It's really easy to learn HTML. It's like riding a bike, it's hard to forget =]
Web pages are often files that are in HTML. I'll attempt to roughly explain how it works below.

It is pretty much the simplest a language can get... All you do is type in text in paragraphs like this:
<p>Paragraph 1</p> <p>Paragraph 2</p>

To do stuff like make text bold all you do is <b>This text is bold</b>. You can also make links to other pages and insert images using pretty much the simplest code possible. You can change colors, too. (I have actually made a web site a few years ago with a friend that showcases HTML commands: see this for what an html page looks like)

So all HTML does is provide some simple effects to a web page that just sits there. There are some slightly more advanced features of HTML, like tables, which psycosquirrel used in his web site, that can make a web page look a little cool. However tables are very tedious and time-consuming to make by hand, so in order to make good looking pages you should use an HTML editor. (Google search this... Dreamweaver is popular but expensive; their are free editors like Nvu and Amaya).

More languages like CSS can be found in web pages. They are more modern languages that can really make pages look better, but are obviously a little harder than html to learn.

But most web sites operate not primarily on HTML, but on real programming languages that generate HTML code on demand automatically, like PHP for this forum. You can use fantastico to quickly install some of these programs automatically on your web site. If you want to make a blog or a wiki, this is the recommended option.
I have had no formal training in anything however I find google is your friend. =)

HTML is a very good place to start.
My website is mostly code I copy/pasted from an HTML introduction class in high school four years ago... I go to college for this stuff now, so I could do much better... I'm just lazy. It's functional and gets the job done, and doesn't look bad doing it. I'll probably remake it someday, though.
The trick is to have users with lower expectations.
PatTheGreat42 wrote:
The trick is to have users with lower expectations.

lol!! funny Laughing Laughing but true... you cant aim to rule the internet from day one. Take it step by step, enjoy the journey and keep learning along the way
I myself am an amateur....when I just began learning I used w3schools
Dreamweaver. It's a powerful program.
I just use a on-server thing like PhpBB, Wordpress, ect ^_^

I can also manage a website but I can't make templates or anything =O
I taught myself HTML by going to websites and right clicking on them to View Page Source. Back in the mid-nineties almost all pages were made with purely HTML, I noticed some universal instructions in all pages and used them on a free geo-cities page and they worked. I figured out how to change colors and add links and graphics and in about a year I could do anything I wanted manually with HTML. After that I hit a wall. I could never, and still can't teach myself JAVA, CSS, or anything else new. I think those languages must need software or maybe I'm an old dog who can't learn new tricks. :)
I am the same as many others. I just learned html on my own from websites. There is tons of info out there.
Many years ago, I tried learning Dreamweaver, and couldn't understand it for the life of me. Tried learning HTML instead, and found it easy. Razz

Interestingly, I tried Dreamweaver the other day and found that it's become very good. That's what I get for forgetting about a program for years on end.

How did I learn HTML? Originally from a book I think, but ended up just Googling for various things whenever I couldn't remember something. I've since lost the book, which is annoying. It was a reasonably good index of everything that I wanted to know.
Amateur too, only basic knowledge of html tags usage, everything else I'm finding on the web, when I need it.

HTML can be edited in Notepad++, which I'm using, simple Notepad or another html editor.

You can find template on the web (there are many free of them too), open it in html editor (Notepad++) and see the code, that could be changed (replaced by another by copy-paste or typing). If this will be html file, then every time search for terms html tags and what you need to change, i.e. font color, background color, font size, alignment and so on. Replace the template's original tags' parameters by what you found, save changes, open this file in the your browser and see, what you got. I actually am keeping both programs open and switching among them to check changes. Refresh browser window to see the changes.
This is work with no prior knowledge, by trial and error.

If the website will be small, few pages, the html only website may be enough. You can select the free html templates on the web, if you like them.

If the website will have many pages and simultaneous changes in appearance of all files will be desirable, them using css template could be the way. I started to use css template, because couldn't find pure html template, that I would like. The same logic of work, only for css files the search will be for terms css font color alignment, and, if stuck, some additional reading (what will be found in the same web search) may be necessary.

You also have option to ask at webmasters forum, but I wasn't lucky, advice mostly was limited to "correct you errors" (thank you very much for such advice!).

Don't be scared off, it's doable, but takes some time. More, than I expected. With each page it will become easier and easier.

The main problems, that I faced, was to find a good host (here) and template, which appearance suits my purposes and that has most of built in functionality, that I need. This took the lion's share of time.

Good luck!
missdixy wrote:
Dreamweaver. It's a powerful program.

^^ this ^^

Seriously though. I learned HTML by looking at the source codes of other websites and playing with editing programs like Dreamweaver. Create what you want, look what code it produces, figure out how the code works, and try to duplicate it yourself. When you screw up figure out what went weird and fix it. Smile
I've learned HTML by trying and failing (and sometimes succeeding as well).
Actually, that's how I've also learned most programming languages (except C, which I have learned by reading "The C programming Language"). It works great Razz
The first thing I did was learn some basic HTML. I found websites that I liked, and then I would view their source (view -- source or sometimes ctrl + u). I would study their HTML in order to find out how to do it. I then made a bunch of basic HTML sites about not much, in order to get some practice. I also had Microsoft Frontpage (which is sort of a crappy program, but it helps you learn a little HTML).

I then started learning some basic javascript. I found an abundance of tutorials online that helped me out a lot. After I learned a lot of the basics, I started making a bunch of basic websites.

I then bought a book on php/MySql. I practiced and practiced until I got really good. I then put all my skills together and kept making practice websites until I got good enough to make professional ones.

All of my practice websites were about things that just interested me. Make them about video games, movies, etc... anything that interests you. That's the best way to stick with it.
Haha, yes I also used Microsoft Frontpage to study HTML source code in the beginning. And indeed, it is crappy, but for this purpose it works.

your website designing site sounds nice to me, just opened and saw it, however I mostly use plaint html and javascript to make my website and use blogging too, and lately have made a large website which is based on jsp. the different computer languages make my head go round Very Happy
psycosquirrel wrote:
I just whipped together mine in notepad using html. Nothing fancy.

is that hosted on frihost?
I've been slowly learning in chunks. Started with basic HTML. That's what my site is built on and it works fine. Now some of you will not like the design but as far as functionality it's great! I would like to learn more about CSS as I have heard that this is the best way to go for professional sites. But for now it's just good ole HTML.
daimei wrote:
I've seen a few really Nice-Looking Professional website by Frihost. Being a newbie, I am just curious to know how many pros vs. amateurs like me ? Sad How did you start to learn the languge to build a website? I know nothing about computers, except emails and browsing websites. Thanks !

By far the best way to learn HTML or XML or PHP or TeX or anything, is on a need-to-know basis. Basically start with




and then look things up as you need them. (i.e. you want an image, so look it up, you want a link, etc.) If you need to make text italicized 14-pt verdana, look it up.

While sites like w3schools can be an excellent resource, simply reading through the information won't make you remember any of it.

Well those are my $0.02.
Actually, I use Microsoft Word. It has a great HTML editing software built into it. It's uber easy to place stuff in there, just a matter of click and drag. I would definately recomend it.
I barley know anything about making websites, besides some HTML. I mostly use CMS and forums on my site. Very Happy

Though I feel like I can make websites wayyy better looking than the ones for my school/community ect D: (Old people suck at making sites? idc)
sondosia wrote:
I know some minimal HTML, but not enough to make a good website entirely from scratch I use FrontPage or Dreamweaver or something for that and it turns out just as good.

Dreamweaver is the best basics for beginners who are willing to learn how to make a website.
Hmm if its a tip to be a great webmaster you want... i think i can hook you up. Firstly, if youre going to expect any large amount of traffic on an interactive site... you will need to fork over some money and get a hosting plan. As for me, I make 25-50$ daily and I run about ten websites, however I'm paying about 70$ per month for my hosting service. So in my opinion, making money as a webmaster DOES cost money and you won't get rich by using a free hosting service.
well im kind of a newbie too, bu as far as 1 know on my school one of the best in my age class (12-16 Razz) but notnear as good as most guys here Laughing
i learned htl by reading some books, but mostly by trying and looking things i didn't know up on google, i basically learn css by look at stylesheets of other sites and searching for properties that i dont know yet and learning what values they can have ^^
I think you need not know much knowledge to build a website. The most important thing you should have is the knowledge about how to manage a website.Because there are many web tools to help you to build a site,such as WordPress. Very Happy
I'm an amateur myself... In the beginning I learned everything about HTML, so that's not new to me, but PHP makes me crazy, and I'm still looking for someplace where I can learn it thoroughly... But first I need to have lots of time Very Happy
I started using frontpage, then looked at the code it created to see how it was applied and the effects.
After I'd figured out a basic template form and learned some code in my head, I started viewing the source code of sites I liked, then inserted bits into my humble attempts on frontpage and saw what happened. Lots of trial and error, but the more I played with different values/commands, the more sunk into my head.
I'm no expert and probably never will be, but I've enjoyed learning this piece by piece way, and the things I know now I can create in a simple text editor now without relying on a visual one Smile
I learned how to use HTML and CSS without anyone's help and I'm really proud of myself now. Just choose a good guide or something and you'll be fine.
I learned how to use HTML and CSS without anyone's help and I'm really proud of myself now. Just choose a good guide or something and you'll be fine.
I use HTML but I'm not very good at it!!

poppat Confused
I use HTML but I'm not very good at it!!

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