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~~~##!!!!!MY ENTERTAINMENT WEBSITE!!!!!##~~~

Hey guys!!

i started this website about 2 months ago - its not completely finished but its coming on Very Happy

the website contains news, videos, games, music and reviews

the games and reviews are not finished but they'll be really good once they are

thanks to Google ads i have made $3.00 and im still hoping as many people as possible will click on them Wink it is much appreciated if you visit my website.

~~##Mikey B##~~
its ok, the template looks good, but i didn't actually understand the main purpose of this site.
Hi, thanks for the reply.

the purpose of the website is to entertain people and make me a tiny bit of money.
Its also just something to do!

i would say at the moment the main purpose would have to be to inform people of the main news in the UK and around the world

please feel free to ask any more questions.

~~##Mikey B##~~
K, media-flow...

I really liked the layout of the website... it was good.... in the case of content, all I found was some links..... the last thing you want to do with the content is to make links, links are not "content", but the layout really does look good Smile
2 months...? well if you really devoted so much time into it, I think the devotion will pay off.... you said that it was under construction... well, in that case I think it is good, i'll give it a 7 1/2 out of 10

Very Happy

You may want to consider adding flash... if you dont know how to use it, my site gives free tutorials... ITs pretty easy and simple to learn, you can ask any questions regarding it from me..

You may also consider changing your catch line saying "This is one of the UK 's leading entertainment websites", because new websites require time to get recognition amongst the masses... Mine too is a new website, well, about 3 months old, but still I call it new Very Happy .

Also, '"you must"' Add Under construction pages instead of no links... as you have did in your "reviews page" in "Music and Films"

To sum things up, a good job, but impove the content and fill the empty space too... maybe adds can be used, or you can take my other suggetion and add flash content.. Have a good time!

Pls do check out my website too... and you can reply here:-
This is one of the UK 's leading entertainment websites. Some features on the website include

Very simple site..!! But i think some parts are still under construction...!!

May i ask you one thing what is this "Nokia 6015i (Verizon Wireless)" text on every pages..??
Good work,keep it up..!!
Thanks for the reply. its funny because i went on your website before you left this comment and its really good btw.

i know it still needs alot of work and i have done alot more but havn't published it yet.

i will consider adding flash into my website. ive been using flash for about 3 years now so i shouldn't have much trouble doing so.

i will take on board everything you've said and thanks very much for your criticism.

ill visit your site again and have a good look

oh yeah and the Nokia Verizon thing on most pages is because of a previous advertisement deal i had and im currently replacing them with Google ads
media-flow wrote:
oh yeah and the Nokia Verizon thing on most pages is because of a previous advertisement deal i had and im currently replacing them with Google ads

Good..That;s what i was wondering what the text referred to...?? Then i thought it was something related to the template of the website...!! By the way visit my website also at
Good luck..!!
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