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Detecting Second Hard Drive over a two Computer Network


I just Installed a second Hard Drive in one of my two computers that are networked together. The computer I installed the new hard dice in sees it, my new hard drive works well.

This computer is on a network. How can I get the second computer to see my new Hard Drive. So far it doesn't.

Cheers Possum..
Well, you must share it firstly. That can be done by right clicking the drive and clicking "Sharing" then click "Share this Folder." If the "Share name" is NOT C$ then type C$ in there. Next, go to the second computer and do this:

1. Press Start then Run.
2. Type in \\*.*.*.* C$ and press enter.

Replace the *'s with the computers IP address, steps can be found below.

If it worked, you should see a Window open up automatically. To obtain your IP address for the first computer (the one with the hard drive) use these steps.

1. Press Start then Run.
2. Type in CMD then press enter.
3. Type in ipconfig then press enter.
4. Find "IP ADDRESS" and copy it down.

If everything worked, and you want to see the Drive in my computer then use these steps:

1. Press Start, then right click My Computer then click "Map Network Drive."
2. Select the drive letter and in the "folder" input type \\*.*.*.* C$
3. Click "Connect using a different user name."
4. The username should be a username of an administrator account on the computer with the hard drive. The username should be in this format: *.*.*.*/USERNAME
5. Type in the password, press OK then press Finish.

If it worked, a Window should open up (it may take a minute) and you should be able to see the new drive in My Computer. Again, replace the *'s with the IP address of the computer with the new hard drive.

I hope this helped, if you have any problems feel free to PM me or reply back.

*** Note: Replace C$ with the drives letter (be it G or D or whatever). For example it may be G$. Make sure you KEEP the $!
Diablos is right, do exactly as he said. Very Happy

There's another, easier way for less computer-literate people. Follow these steps:

Diablosblizz wrote:
Well, you must share it firstly. That can be done by right clicking the drive and clicking "Sharing" then click "Share this Folder."

Then, open "My Network Places" from your desktop. Double-click "Entire Network," then double-click on "Microsoft Windows Network." You should see the name of your workgroup. Open it, and you will see your computer and the other computer (assuming you have the same workgroup). Double-click on the other computer, then open up the drive. It's as simple as that! To save the drive's location, you can right-click the drive and click "send to >" then click "Desktop (create shortcut)." That way, you will have a nice shortcut right there on your desktop to see the files.
Yep, both ways will work. Although, when you open up My Network Places the new hard drive may already be there. Not sure about that though, at least mine is.
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