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I am trying to learn Dreamweaver and need a book, does anybody have any recommendations for the best book to use? I have dreamweaver MX. Thanks
Check out

and a Google Book search:
i would recommend u to learn html and javascript instead. they are easy.

dreamweaver will come along automatically once u learn atleast html. hopefully.
I really like They have tutorials that are easy to follow and I have learned a lot with it so far. The only downside is that they can be expensive, but they have a few of the videos that are free.
well, I seriously would tell you to use the HELP (F1) documents!!
They are the best, they explain the compelte programm...
It is the book of Dreamweaver!!

samandmad has a great arrange of video tutorials for learning just about any application you can think of... (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, so on...) Most time is the service is $30 dollars a month which is a great price for all of the content but you can apply for a free promo account for total access for one week. If you are focused on learning, you can use the time wisely.

The link to sign up for the free account is:

check it out.
Futumuch wrote:
I am trying to learn Dreamweaver and need a book, does anybody have any recommendations for the best book to use? I have dreamweaver MX. Thanks

I use Dreamweaver 3 (older than DW MX), and have found this book very useful:

Mastering Macromedia Dreamweaver 3 by David Crowder and Rhonda Crowder. This book covers BOTH DW and Fireworks.

If you can find an "MX" version of this book, I recommend you get a copy.
IMHO, theres no point in learning dreamweaver. If you're just going to learn the WYSIWYG interface, it won't work out very well for you, since it just codes horribly (absolute positioning, tables etc. ) You might find it easy to start, but trust me, you'll have to learn proper coding sooner or later once the problems come in. In fact the websites i design that work perfectly find and validate correctly in modern browsers look horrible in DW's design view. It's a much better choice to learn html and learn from there. Personally i only use dreamweaver's code view for its autocomplete function.

Asukiworm is correct in that you will sooner or later have to learn proper coding.

But, in my opinion, it's much easier to first start with a visually oriented website design tool, such as Dreamweaver. Quite soon after you design a few pages, you will find the need to examine the code that DW produces for one reason or another (curiosity?). With time, you can see exactly what the code is doing and how to change and correct it.

Also, DW has many features besides just producing code. For example, you can quickly switch to browser view at any time to see exactly what you page looks like on different browsers. Also, DW has a very convenient tool for uploading your website to your host server and then keeping the files synchronized. Wink
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