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I have been dating my boyfriend for the past 2.5+ years and he's awesome.. However half a year ago me and him were having problems in regards to his communication and I wandered off to a friend that I meet a year ago. He had always liked me, but never said anything. I told him that I broke it off with my boyfriend, but I didn't. And in the process of just trying to have a fling with him, I started to like him.

So I told him it wasn't going to work out and we should just be friends. At first he disagreed because he does not believe in opening up to someone and liking someone and then just automatically just be friends with that person. So we stopped being friends for about a month or so. Then we started to talk on the phone and text each other again. This was a mistake because he invited me over to his house so we can just hangout. But he kissed me.

However, he kissed me knowing that I had gotten back with my boyfriend and I kissed him knowing that he is talking to another girl. Both me and him DO NOT believe in cheating, but I like him and I know he likes me. I'm in a sick twisted love triangle. Anyone has advice on what I should do because I truly love my boyfriend, but I like this guy also. And when he doesn't call me I get sad/upset/mad.

Anyone has been in this situation?
Hey, well first off I think that you shouldn't put yourself in that position to get hurt or hurt somebody else. Don't see him if you guys can't control the urges. I mean obviously it's understandable, because you were together for such a long time and it's just like routine. If you guys hang out, it should be like out to eat with friends or a movie, just making it public not like each others room you know? Just take it slow, one day at a time, and focus on the new guy if you think he's right for you. I think that If you really love the first guy though then you shouldn't just end it just like that. I never find it smart to break up with someone for somebody else, because in most cases you don't really know the new person that well and aren't thinking clearly. Expeciallyyyyyyyyy if you already cheated on him with your ex, I would break it off with the person, but that's just me. If he knew that you did, I'm sure he wouldn't be with you anymore anyways.

I think you should def tell him if you haven't and maybe even be single for a little while to give you time to decide. You might realize you just miss having a guy around or you might realize you miss your ex being around. Depending on which will tell ya if you need to start looking or go back with your ex.

Just my opinion.. Good luck! =]
I accidentally cheated on one of my boyfriend, but I had tried to end it with him months before that. I loved him, but only when I started my current boyfriend did I realize it wasn't the kind of love that I wanted. If you really love your boyfriend you wouldn't cheat, so that means that he isn't so close as you thought.

What I usually do is try to imagine myself with that person in the future, how will it work then? because if things are great now it doesn't mean they will be super in the future. I really cared about one of my boyfriends, and would probably marry him if I didn't realize soon enough that in the future he might want me to do only as he decides, dress as he wants and act like I'm told, if it was around 1600 then maybe, but I knew he wouldn't change even if it hurt me. I didn't tell him that because then he would try his best to make me believe he would change. If you try and look like that then you can in a way see the future. With my current boyfriend I see arguments, but we are both able to change.

Which of them do you see the best future with? remember that it's not easy to see who the real person is, he can be great but turn out to be a jack ass. Don't blame me, but this is my way of deciding and it has worked for me, I have survived three relationships that would never work out.

But you can't say you love your boyfriend and then wish you were sitting besides the other guy, that isn't love, that is just caring a lot.
Just don't cheat. You have to make a decision. Nobody can make it for you. You're gonna have to turn one down and accept the other. In the grand scheme of things, it's really that simple. Deciding WHO gets what is obviously the tough part.
Kelcey wrote:
Just don't cheat. You have to make a decision. Nobody can make it for you. You're gonna have to turn one down and accept the other. In the grand scheme of things, it's really that simple. Deciding WHO gets what is obviously the tough part.

yeah, i would have to agree, DONT cheat, this will only end up hurting people. you must decide.
An advice I hardly can take but.... if you can't control your desire, it's better to stay away from him..... Healthier for both of you.
I think all what happened is: You needed something that you missed with your boyfriend and found that missing thing with the new guy. If you get back and make things up again, you'll forget totally about the new guy. Just look for what you are missing in your relationship and you'll find out why you liked the new guy. You love your boyfriend and that's true, don't waste it then if I were you.
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