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Some Random Thoughts on Computing Today

I won't hide it. My posting points are getting low I'll start a new thread.
I've been having a few "Technical Issues" with my computers.

I can remember back in "the day" I almost welcomed problems. I looked forward to digging into issues related to hardware and setting problems. Heck, I would find any excuse to format my machine just because I loved adding all those programs and tweaking them just like I wanted.
That was almost 20 years ago.
Now, I find myself almost intimidated by problems. Computers now have become so complicated it's almost scary. It's really incredible the versatility they possess. Everybody has something just a little different on their computer. I really try not to let anyone know I know anything about computers. They immediately bombard me with everything their computer is doing wrong. And the truth is with all the latest technology, with firewalls and spy ware and wireless networks and 6 different browsers and security...... HOLY CRAPOLA.....THE SECURITY!!!! I find it such a pain the butt to do anything with all the Windows security.
I don't know. Maybe I'm just getting older and shorter of temper (I hear that happens to old folks) and feel like venting, but am I the only one that feels left behind by the technology world? Are there any other "aging computer literates" that feel the same way?

Now, that should be 5 points worth of rambling!
Well, it can be hard to keep up with the times...

Things are almost too easy now, though, at least where hardware is concerned. It used to be an odyssey of resetting jumpers, knowing which direction cables should be plugged in, assigning IRQ's...
Now nearly all the knowledge of how to do these things is useless!

Now with the more complicated things, it is more a case of just knowing where to look for a solution for a problem.
thats a very good article. and i assume this would give me a point!!

btw, there's no harm if u keep urself updated with the latest gadgets...
Wow IRQ... been eons since i heard that 'word'. ISA slot anyone? Yep, computer hardwares have progress 'light years' since 20 years ago. Just look at those HDD that are 15 years back, the size is probably like 512Mb to about 2GB. Still have one or two units of those buggers that actually work in the office.

Also those chuncky VGA cards, monochrome monitors etc etc. Haha... just shows what generation i'm from Confused

Yay... that's a couple of points for me too. Yippee!
I agree. Hardware has become much simplier. I don't know how computer repair places stay in business.
My issues are with all the different software and software configurations. There's what? 3 different flavors of basic windows? (Media-Pro-Basic-etc etc). And like I said -- everyone does something a little bit different with each computer. Some are geared towards Video, others Audio or gaming. Workstations ---servers.
And I already mentioned the security. I remeber not to long ago I was helping out a little network place that dabbled in web design. They let me use a computer at there office.
It took 3 different passwords just to get to the program and all day to find the different people who knew each password.
I guess I'm just ranting. I'm having problems:
#1 -- Burning a data dvd (see my post in the computer problems forum)
#2 -- setting up a wireless network at the house.

Though I must say, computing for the average user has become much simplified. I really have to say something when someone trie to pass off an obsolete computer as a "Starter Computer".
The last thing a newbie needs is an out dated computer.
I feel like computers have gotten simpler.

Then again, I work in IT.

Hardware has gotten simpler on an end-user level, almost to a fault.

Software has expanded so much, that it is hard to keep track of it all. You just need to make friends with computer experts that actually know what they are doing. Then, just make them do all the work for you! Laughing
Phil wrote:

#1 -- Burning a data dvd (see my post in the computer problems forum)
#2 -- setting up a wireless network at the house.

Complain all you want about modern complexity, but these two things would have been difficult or impossible in 'the good old days'.
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