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* Remap Your KeyBoard Keys *


Just because somebody decided that the keyboard should start with the sequence QWERTY does not mean that you should accept it. It’s your keyboard and you are free to do anything with it. Just to show your authority bang your keyboard with your fist right now! (not recommended). Jokes apart, if you are seriously not happy with the layout and want to move the keys around, then you can do it. Microsoft has it’s own keyboard mapping utility called the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator:

The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator is useful if you want to use your keyboard to type in another language other than English. You can either start from a scratch or load an existing layout and then modify it and save it as a keyboard layout (.KLC) file. This layout can then be selected from Control Panel>Regional and Language Settings>Languages>Details section. This tool has it’s limitations though. It only allows you to remap the character keys. You can’t change keys like the CapsLock, Tab, Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Enter, Backspace, F1 to F12, Number pad, Arrows etc.

In order to change these special keys we can use another tool called SharpKeys ( SharpKeys allows you to change not only these special function keys but the character keys as well. It does the remapping by tinkering with the registry. Microsoft’s tool is much cleaner in this respect because it does not mess with the registry and it’s possible to have multiple keyboard layouts on your computer and load anyone of it whenever you need.

They also produce and sell keyboards in the A-B-C format instead of Q-W-E-R-T-Y. The QWERTY keyboards were originally produced on typewriters after the fast pace of typing of the ABC keyboards had the arms of the keys getting crossed and stuck too often. As a result of this, the typewriter became impractical and soon after the QWERTY keyboard was produced boasting the most nonproductive and impractical key combination as an act to reduce the frequency of these lock ups.

When they computer came out they kept the QWERTY combo even though it was slower just because more people were used to it, but an ABC format keyboard would be the most practical and efficient.
Or even better, the Dvorak layout. I used the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, trying to come up with my own arrangement of keys to be more efficient than QWERTY. I can say that I was successful at doing so. But, I then tried out the Dvorak layout and loved it. An hour of use and I was at 25 wpm. Give me two weeks and I'd be close to touch typing. It's just so much better, but the QWERTY keyboard is just one of those things we'll always be stuck with because people don't want to learn a new thing. I'm using QWERTY right now, but I have hopes to return to Dvorak soon. It's just than on all other computers, it's QWERTY. I have it set so that when I hit Ctrl+Shift I switch between QWERTY and Dvorak, and even with the keys in the QWERTY layout, I can somewhat type in Dvorak.
When it boils down to it, its impractical to have multiple key configurations like this. As soon as you try and use a computer you haven't already configured using this program, then you will be totally lost. They kept the QWERTY keyboard because it was already a unified standard over the ABC type. That's pretty much not going to change. Sure as hell hasn't for the last like 50 years or however long.
Thanx for your precious comments Smile
Neutral I didn't even know there was different types of keyboards. One would wonder how hard it would be to switch from the "Q-W-E-R-T" keyboard to a "ABC" keyboard, or a "dvorak" keyboard.

Interesting posts, thanks!
hahaha... and how do u intend to remap ur keys which is already printed (written)... besides the available format is the best.

Heh, when I tried out Dvorak, I took the liberty of plucking out all my keys and rearranging them. Could always get one of those keyboards where every key is an OLED LCD. Razz Will cost you an arm and a leg, though.

But yeah, it is impractical to have multiple configurations...and changing the standard won't be happening. Nonetheless, Dvorak still annihilates QWERTY in speed. The record for fastest typing is 170 wpm sustained and peak speed of 212 wpm...and it was all using Dvorak. The same person got 150 wpm on QWERTY (which is the QWERTY record).
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