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Windows Xp has Hidden Star Wars Movie [Telnet Trick]


Well you will not believe this but this is 100% true that there is a Hidden Star Wars Movies in Windows XP. This Movie has been presented by 20th Century Text. And I recommend this as a Must watch for All.

What you have to do is to just follow these steps:

* For watching this Movie your PC must be connected to the Internet (Connection Speed doen’t matters).
* Click on Start Menu>> Select Run .
* TYPE “telnet” (without the quotes) ( COPY & PASTE IT)
* Enjoy…

It's actually a telnet trick

Cheers!! Wink

This actually has nothing to do with the windows operating system. =|

Telnet is a protocol that works similarly to SSH, when you make this command you are basically connecting to a remote server and running a file. This file just so happens to be a star wars ASCII movie. But is by no means a part of the Windows XP OS. This trick will also work on all other forms of windows, all forms of dos that support networking, all forms of mac/linux/bsd that support the protocol and networking.

Pretty much, as long as your OS was developed or updated after 1969 when the technology was developed, and you are capable of connecting to the internet (which I can only assume you are since you are reading this) then you can watch this video. Its actually pretty cool for a bit, though I can't imagine watching the whole damn thing without any sound or a full screen >_> I would rather just put the movie on and get bored of the real thing.
KHO wrote:
This actually has nothing to do with the windows operating system... =|

I believe our friend already hinted toward that
mrinntech wrote:
It's actually a telnet trick
rather old now... should come up with something new.
Whoa, that's cool.

I've never seen that before....

*goes to Wikipedia to see exactly what telnet is*
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