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First Job

Does anyone know any jobs I can get as my first job? In other words, what jobs are available to me at the age of 15?
Most places won't hire someone who is only 15-years-old so you may want to try for an online job where performance is looked at over age.
there are plenty of places that will give a job to a 15yr old. But depending on your location, you will probably need a workers permit until you are 16. Might wanna try fast food, McDonalds is pretty good about employing the youth.

But after you are about 16 (if your in the states at least) most cities have a recreation department available at their local public schools or through a city website. For those kinds of jobs they work well with school schedules and encourage people starting at 16 who are still in school to work for them. Pretty simple too, as long as you enjoy children and have a lil patience. Might wanna check your local city website for "Parks and Recreation/Family and Community Services". I know plenty of people that did that for a few years and I did it for 2 myself.
SpellcasterDX wrote:
Does anyone know any jobs I can get as my first job? In other words, what jobs are available to me at the age of 15?

How about delivery of newspapers? Probably hard work, but that is a possibility. Babysitting? If you are good at certain subjects at school you can offer to give lessons to those who need extra lessons. Another possible job could be to teach English to people younger than you are by making it fun, i.e. taking them out.
Fast food and cashiers at grocery stores. If you have a license, you can deliver pizza or other food.
Most places won't hire people under 16 and even more places require people who are 18 and over. The best place to look for jobs is at your school. They should be able to guide you and give you a list of places where you can work. Some schools even give you credits for working at a job they pick out for you.
Here's an interesting article that might be of interest to our poster.

The most important steps in going to get your first job take place before you even head out the front door. You need to prepare for what you're about to do.

Put together a simple resume
Many first time or part time job seekers don't believe they need a resume, or think that "well, I don't really have anything to put on a resume, so why bother?" Two reasons. First, having a resume to give to the prospective employer shows you've put some effort into finding a job (read: you will put some effort into the job you do for them…). Secondly, it allows you to showcase those things about you that you want the employer to remember. Having a printed resume sets you apart from the crowd. Even if you have no work experience, you can still give the employer an idea of who you are, and what your strengths are. If all you've done is baby-sit your kid brother, put it down in writing. Emphasize the skills you learned while baby-sitting, the challenges you overcame, and so on.

Appearance matters
Make sure when you head out the door, that you are well groomed and well dressed. You don't need to be in a suit, just make sure you look presentable. Make sure "your Grandma would approve…"

Get a list of places to apply
Of course, you can use sites that focus on part time jobs for teens like to find part time jobs in your area, but there are many other ways to find employers. You can get a list of places looking for people from a variety of sources. You can pick up a local newspaper, go to the library to look at help wanted listings, or walk through town looking for Help Wanted signs. But remember, not every business looking for an employee will have a Help Wanted sign in the front window. Put on your list of places anywhere that you think would be fun to work, and go get that job. Walking in and asking for a job isn't illegal, and it shows the manager that you are interested and ambitious if you ask for a job even when one isn't advertised.

Prepare for "No"
Before you go apply anywhere, you need to prepare yourself for rejection. That's right. Nobody, and I mean, nobody, gets accepted every single place they apply for a job. As a first time job seeker, you need to mentally prepare for someone to say, "No". There's nothing wrong with a store owner saying to you, "I'm sorry, we don't need anyone right now." However, there is a right and a wrong way to respond to a business owner or manager who says they have no need for you. If you get a "No, I'm sorry" (and everyone will!), respond by saying, "Well, if you do need someone in the future, please give me a call. I'll leave you a copy of my resume. Thanks for your time."

This shows the manager that you are serious about getting a job, and you have demonstrated the ability to follow up. Simply walking away from the store shows the manager that you weren't serious about the job to begin with. Stand up for yourself and demonstrate maturity. It goes a long way in presenting yourself.

Stand up straight and be mature
Not to sound like your parents, or anything, but…
Go to each of the employers on your list, walk in the door, and ask for that job. Keep you head up, maintain eye contact, have a firm handshake, and be confident. Employers look for certain qualities when a jobseeker walks in the door. Foremost of those qualities is the candidate's ability to communicate. If you are meek, shy, and unable to show the employer that you are serious about getting a job, you probably won't get one. When communicating to a manager, demonstrate that you are eager to get the job.

Follow Up
This is probably the most important part of getting a job. Employers look for candidates who have the ability to follow up with customers, because it shows a willingness to get involved and be responsible. Always make a follow up call or get in touch with the potential employer. Usually, it's best to wait about a week to make a call, and when you do, make sure to get on the phone with the person who will be hiring. Don't rely on someone else to leave the right message for you.
My first job was tution to students, so i don't need any resume
I'n not sure if your talking part-time jobs or full time jobs. I used to get up very early in the morning before going to school and lug newspapers around for delivery.
When I started my first job I was atrainee accountant at age 18. There are two examples of "first job" The first "full time" job neede a certain degree of achademic success, but of couse those opportunities to impress were not available at 15.
Try apple outlets like me. Accepted me when i showed a bit of initiative and knowledge about ipods and various other skills.
Depending on your location I would recommended knocking on a few farmers doors if you think you can handle the hard work. Though its not as easy as it used to be as no one can afford to hire an extra hand right now. But its worth a shot, how I got several jobs while I was that age and this is the time of year to do it, everyone is soon to be heading for the fields and could usually need a hand with any livestock they might have.
around here most kids work in the grocery stores as baggers/cashiers....or a toy store...its pretty much all who will hire you at that age with no experience....sorry
I don't know where you live, but if they have Ritters Frozen Custard there, they hire 15-year-olds, I'm pretty sure. =)
I would suggest checking your local grocery store. If they're hiring that might be a good place to start working. Smile
go and ask all the convenience stores, retail stores nearby, or at the mall, or the gas stations, if they hire someone 15 years old or younger..... or deliver newspapers or design websites for a company, if you know how to Wink it really depends on where you live. in some countries, you might get a job anywhere,in some countries there are age bars.
or just wait until you are 16 or 18.
You can earn money online.
Depends on where you live, I would suspect. My first job was mowing lawns and doing yard work when I was 12. My second job was at a grocery store carrying groceries out for customers. There are a lot places to work or there are other ways to make money. I prefer working for myself. It might be tough to find something what will fit with school schedules and whatnot. I was home schooled, so I guess I was lucky.
i couldn't stand the thought of working in a fast food place when i was your age, so i opted for the grocery market instead.. i started off as a bagger right after i turned 16 and a few months later moved on to being a cashier.. it's pretty easy work to be honest
Try fast food places and ice cream places.

I worked at Cold stone creamery for a year and I know that they hired even 14 year olds because they could.

they usually dont like to hire that young due to time restrictions and just being a 14-16 year old makes you more "free-going" then someone else.

Just go and ask for an application, be presentable, and serious about the job and you might just get it.

Good luck.
Try in food stations or in supermarkets..!! My cousin is working in a cash counter in a supermarket...!! Try in that way too..!!
Well buddy, 15 yrs of age is too young to get into the job but it doesn't mean that there's nothing for you. I suggest for you is to search on the net and find a job which you are good to it like for example, ask your self first,can i do this job if ever i hired? can i perform very well? is this what i want? that are those basic questions before you get into that job,you will not seek a job because you want to earn money but instead, you will seek a job because it is your passion! Very Happy
You can get a job delivering newspaper.
become a freelance graphic designer... get yourself some decent software and you'll be laughing...
do some free jobs at first to get your name around and to get your portfolio bulked, and after that make some rates and work away.

No matter as to why you should ever discuss your age in regards to freelance design work, so it should never be an issue.... MAKE SENSE? Laughing
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