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The next big fantasy movie should be ...

After the fantasy epic Lord of the Rings, which fantasy series do you think should get the big screen treatment. For me I think it would be great to see Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (although the final book hasnt been finished yet) and A song of Fire and Ice by Goerge R.R. Martin.
Warcraft Razz
I like the idea of doing the Wheel of Time, but as the last book won't be finished, I find it hard to imagine.
I would love to see something by Blizzard being made into a movie. There were always rumors about this and that being made into a major motion picture. I am a huge Starcraft fan and would to see the original made into a movie of three parts. I think however the large obstacle would be 2/3 of the series would focus on non-human races, i.e. Protoss and Zerg. I don't think such a movie with characters like that, the audience would feel like they related to them.

There has also been lots of talk about making Ender's game into a full length feature. It would definitely not be an trilogy because I think Orson Scott Card only had one great book. Speaker for the Dead and Xenocide were much worse.

I would love to see Dune made the way it should be. Dune was voted over Lord of the Rings as the best science fiction/fantasy series of all time. I've seen the older version and it was not well received. This time, it would be great if it received praise.
I'd love to see The Dark Tower made into a series of films, but I think it would be INCREDIBLY difficult to do properly.
The Dark Tower would be good, I like Stephen King's books, but movie adaptations of his books are sometimes not that good.
I don't think it's possible to make a movie on 'wheel of time'. It would have to be a series,
since the story is quite a few pages...

Personally I'm more for an oldie here, by the legendary Ursula K LeGuinn, called 'the dispossesed'.
Perheps it would fall in the gengre of sci-fi, but in that case there are many other titles by her
more suting for fantasy. Any of them would be nice.

I like the idea of something from Blizzard aswell, but the discworld by pratchet would also be nice
if they made an epic humoristic fantasy of. Though I think it's already out there, animated in some
OK i know very LOTR still, but imo done better - but Magician by Feist would make a fantastic movie and with all the other fantastic stories this could last longer than Starwars, this guy is a genius, with some incredible plot twists and drama (maybe a lot would be lost in transitions or on most audiences) . However, the biggest problem here would be Hollywood, look at all the messes they have made with transitions from books!
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