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Sprint relay initiative for peace in Caucasus!

Is there anyone out there who shares my concerns about what is going on in Caucasus? Shocked

What do you say of a common world-wide sprint relay in the best Olympic spirit?!

The goal: to deliver the peace baton to Caucasus!

Without having to take sides in conflicts we can - and we should! - always demand for fair-play and respect of the international rules and conventions. Like we would in the Olympic games!

Go Go Go!

Please see the website of Civitas Georgica for more information on how to support local actors who are promoting establishment of open, effective and democratic government system in Georgia:
I say it is a terrible idea. Start this sort of thing and pretty soon the Olympics will become like band-aid - professional musicians looking for the next cause so they can wear their hearts on their sleeves and get a bit more publicity.
A bunch of athletes running a relay is not going to solve political problems in the Caucasus, and it will simply open up the floodgates to anyone with a political point to make. What next? The Zimbabwe marathon? The North Korea hurdles? The Iran high-jump?
Hi Chris,

thanks for your reply!

I realize now that i did express myself rather unclearly, sorry!

The sprint relay was meant to be taken on an abstract level, not as a concrete sports.

It was meant as a symbolic action, as an encouragement for people to participate in demanding for fair-play, to care about what is going on, to keep delivering the baton (the message) until the common international rules and conventions are respected!

We do care about respecting the international rules in the Olympic sports - why not when it is costing human lives?

Hope this cleared it out.

It's still a bad idea. We already have the torch ceremony which represents the Olympic Ideal being passed on to a new host - why duplicate it?
Having a relay to protest about people loosing their lives in whatever conflict is just a meaningless gesture, which would cheapen the whole games still further (it is already cheapened by drug-use and political shenanigans behind the scenes).

basically the symbolic sprint relay already began now! Thanks for participating, Chris!

My purpose was to get the relay (the discussion) started and to pass the baton on...

Is there anyone out there who is interested in the discussion topic: the Caucausus crisis? Who will deliver the baton further on from here?

Ok, enough of these confusing abstract figures of speech... Rolling Eyes

What i want to say is:

Many people in the world are following the Olympics right now.

Here in the Eastern side of Europe, in the neighborhood of Russia, people are concerned of the Russian attacks in a sovereign state of Georgia. The conflict is very complex and the motives of the attacks are debatable - but the Russians are really going too far now. Basically now they are destroying Georgia´s infrastructure and not keeping their promises of the ceasefire, lying so openly that it is amazing, spreading propaganda among their citizens...etc.

Are you following the situation, anyone, in your countries, where ever it is that you are?

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