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I got second free domain


I'm happy to share this to you that I got my second domain for free from ddboard. Around 15 days ago I told you about getting my first domain name and now its second domain name. Thus, as this frihost provide free hosting for posting, ddboard provide domain name.

I was suggested to join ddboard by one of the user of friHost. He told that in around one month I would be able to collect that 3000 points to get .com or .net domain names (and only 1500 points for .info ) but I managed to get it on 20 days for my first domain name and this time its less than 15 days. I would be happy if you put my username shkhanal on referrer if you think about joining ddboard. I'm shkhanal on ddboard too! I'd be happy to guide and help you there.

Thank you.
hey buddy, please tell me how do you got so much points so quickly??
i like it, i'll try it but its gonna take alot more than a month for me lol, oh well at least its free correct?
Apart from just posting replies and threads go to the ddpoint incentives. There are lots of offers members made. Especially currently, The Queenz's Software Forum is high paying. PM Queenz and when he sends link you can go to that forum. Queenz is currently paying 100 dd points just for posting 5 posts, be them replies or threads. That way if you just post 15 posts (replies or threads) you got 300 points.

There are many other offers too! I collected lots of points, and spent too! I spend 1300 points for designing a banner for my site. 6000 points for two domain name, 500 points for advertising my site. And currently I have around 500 points left. I'll collect many again.

There are many friendly members too! Prasantaban lend me 1000 points for nothing when I was in need to buy second domain name. I paid back his 1000 points now.

Its a good community and enjoying. frih! you've also collected 1500 points already. that's the half for .com domain name.

Jamestf347!, I have not paid any real money there. Everything is free. But every time you view any page ddboard is displaying advertisement. Perhaps that's their revenue source except premium members.
thank you very much for your i will go for incentives is best to earn points....

where you have hosted your website??

you have two is on frihost and other is on....???
both are on firhost. Frihost supports unlimited domain names. friHost is best hosting.
shkhanal wrote:
both are on firhost. Frihost supports unlimited domain names. friHost is best hosting.

it means you have made subdomain of your subdomain...

i have done 4 incentive service on ddboard but still have not got any point from anyone....
No firHost is hosting. You can use Addon Domain on your CPanel. There you can host domains. Frihost lets you to host more than 1 domain name if your site fits in 350 MB. It will just create a folder in your public_html folder and that will be your hosting for new added domain.

I'll tell you the method to do this when you get domain name and need it. For now just be relaxed that you can host many domains with frihost itself.

You won't get incentive points immediately you finish offers. You need to wait for the offer creator to log on check the completed offers and donate points to you. Generally you get the next day you complete offers. If you find that you are not paid even on the third or fourth day after you completed offers, you can send the PM to creator reminding him of offer.

Don't worry, you'll get the points tomorrow.

Are you good at designing? I am looking for a banner of my site. I would donate 300 ddpoint for a banner 200 x 70 pixel banner for my site
sorry buddy , but i am not good in designing.....thanks 4 ur reply
actually can we get the domain name from frihost for free?
no you cant get free domain, but you can get free subdomain with your account
That is not subdomain. That is the top level domain. is not a sub domain. Hosting and domain name are two different things.

Domain name is the address for you site what is typed on the browser. Hosting is the location (folder) where you upload your site files.

From ddboard I got domain name not subdomain and after you get domain name you need hosting to publish your site.
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