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Which movie do you feel was better.. Iron Man or Dark Knight.. ?

I'd say Dark Knight. Maybe because with superhero characters, I prefer Batman more than Iron Man. Hehe. Smile
they were both great movies as in they stayed true to their characters and character building without it getting boring. Ironman actually surpassed my expectations when I saw it cuz I loved it alot but out of the the two I prefer Batman. Watched it twice at the theaters and would watch it a third whereas Ironman i'd be happy just watching it once.
Dark Knight , i saw those movies both
100% Dark Knight better !!
I vote Dark Knight. That movie was just too epic.
Batman fan here, so dark night. Didn't think iron man was that great, more an okey movie.

To be honest though i reckon spider-man 1 is still better than any of the two above.
Iron Man or the Dark Knight. Kinda hard to choose between them; they were both great films, both had a great plot and were well acted.

You know, i'm gonna go against the majority and say Iron Man simply because there are loads of other Batman films and it was nice to see something new and a bit different.
Iron Man or the Dark Knight. Kinda hard to choose between them; they were both great films, both had a great plot and were well acted.

You know, i'm gonna go against the majority and say Iron Man simply because there are loads of other Batman films and it was nice to see something new and a bit different.

I have to disagree I have seen both, but for a villian Heath Ledgers acting as the Joker is just remarkable... takes being a villian to a whole new level. But Downey did well portraying Tony Stark but it just felt slightly more Downey then Tony... But The Dark Knight just for its great EPICness - saw the movie at the IMAX would highly recommended it too anyone.
Iron Man's also quite cool ... but how can you compare something like that to BATMAN ?

The Dark Knight is undoubtably the better of the two ... I mean, it's just too awesome.
I'm not disputing that Batman was an amazing film. Almost from the start, i knew that it was going to be a good film, and certainly wasn't disappointed. I just think that recently superhero films have been overshadowed by Batman and Spiderman, and there have been so many Batman films that it was nice to see a new superhero film, that yes wasn't as good as The Dark Knight but proved that there are other superhero's out there that can make just as good films.

It is that reason that i give my vote to the Iron Man, not because it was hugely better than TDK, but because it brought something new to the genre, which can be just as important in my opinion.
I think they were both exceptional movies, but Dark Knight had better writing. Plus Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker was phenomenal.
Heath Ledger was just great in The Dark Knight... He really needs to receive an oscar! Smile
The Dark Knight easy.
Iron Man was good, but it annoyed me at the end when they built up all the politics and put a bit of thought into it, only for a boss fight at the end.
Dark Knight was flawless. I can't find fault.
I'm going as the Joker for this Halloween now...
Agreed, Heath did an amazing job playing the Joker. It's a real shame we'll be seeing no more material from him anymore - he was quite on a roll there. Crying or Very sad
Dark Knight
Both are great movie... but i like Ironman as it is not too dark... but overall Dark Knight is better as it has better storyline and the villain is the best ever....... on merit of Heath Ledger alone, Dark Knight is the best among Batman franchise
I liked both movies, though I found Dark Knight more interesting. two thumbs up for the Joker! Iron Man is cool too. You should watch both of them.
of course its The Dark Knight.. no doubts. What a movie man... the best in the batman series.
Of course Iron Man,,,because it more fantastic!!!![/i]
the dark knight... it bugged me too much in iron man with all the mechanical stuff that i know can't happen
Go with the Dark Knight.
This is actually a really, really tough question both movies rocked. I reckon Dark Knight might just beat it. Only because of heath ledgers acting as the Joker though. Very hard one still! They're both 5 start films in my opinion Very Happy
Dark Knight is the best!!!!!!
Bat Man Rule!!!
I'd say it's WRONG to compare Iron man with The Dark Knight, because Batman's series is one step ahead. Iron man could be easily compared to Batman Begins, where storylines are almost identical (big companies, weapon production, bad board group, play-boy-type character, thirst for justice...) .

But I'd go for Batman too. He is more than a super-hero. He is a symbol, an idea. Like in V for Vendetta. ("Beneath this mask there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof. ")
Yeh, agreed. I think these two movies suit different moods, hard to compare.
Dark Knight though, obviously.
Dark Knight was a better movie, but I think it had a little more to draw upon because it was a sequel, and didn't require a lot of exposition. Iron Man was also amazing though, and I think the sequel will also be awesome... just without as much of a psychological aspect.
I'm not qualified ot post here since I didn't watch The Dark KNight yet Sad

But Ion Man is cool. Love the humor of dialogs in it.

nice movie Cool
They are totally different films. One ventures into comedy, where the other stays dark almost the entire way through. I would have to say that I thought The Dark Knight was a much better done film, but Iron Man was more fun to sit through.
Yeah Iron Man was awesome, much better than everyone expected I think.

But it was pretty cheesy compared to the Dark Knight.
Iron Man all the way.
As much as I love superheroes and comics and stuff, I can't stand Batman and I don't know why.
I dont really like Batman and all tht but, i did like Dark Knight ALOT!! it was amazing.
Heath Ledger was amazing!!! And the movie was great!!

But, Iron Man was amazing too. it was sumthing new. not movie after movie....((batman movies...))

i love them both but,
i think i like Iron Man more...
Dark Knight by a margin!
Hello Folks..
Well both movies are great.. but..
Iron Man had a couple of surprises up its sleeve, however, in the form of one Robert Downey Jr. and a screenplay with style and verve to burn. I don’t want to hurt any of your feelings, and let me preface this with a statement of my admiration for Christian Bale. Bale’s pensive nature and quiet but strong charisma are well-suited to The Dark Knight and make him one of the strongest actors of his generation.
I really enjoyed both Iron Man and the Dark Knight, although I thought Iron Man was too short and the Dark Knight was too long so they should find some middle ground between them. Razz
Anyway, I went to see the Dark Knight 3 times at the cinema so I will have to say that is my favourite. It is a bit overated though, people wouldn't pay so much attention to it if Heath Ledger hadn't died before it was released. Sad
Dark Knight, hands down.

Iron Man is a great movie too.

carl_fernandes wrote:
Which movie do you feel was better.. Iron Man or Dark Knight.. ?

prisonbreakinfo wrote:
Anyway, I went to see the Dark Knight 3 times at the cinema so I will have to say that is my favourite. It is a bit overated though, people wouldn't pay so much attention to it if Heath Ledger hadn't died before it was released. Sad

I really, really thought you said "the Dark Knight 3" there, but maybe that was just wishful thinking... Sad
Batman doesn't come close to Iron Man! IRON MAN!!!!
I really like both. I like the The Dark Knight more, though. Even if the movie was almost 3 hours long. Never was there a boring part. Great movie!
I would say Dark Knight. That story have never been better told before.
I would prefer Dark Knight. Haven't seen both but Iron Man sounds childish.
I definitely liked the action and concept of Iron Man more, but The Dark Knight definitely had the best story. It was pretty long but managed to keep my attention the whole time, which I always value in a movie Razz
I love Iron Man better than The Dark Knight. There is good narration, and i found the plot much more interesting.
the performance of heath ledger so called "joker" is legendary i think. i dont like christian bale and i think he is not a good batman. in the other hand, iron man is really cool movie. robert downey jr is acting amazingly but just cuz of this "joker" fact, dark knight is much more better than iron man, in fact, dark knight is the best movie ive ever watched. the batman scenes are quite annoying n boring, but in general, by the help of joker character, this movie had gone crazy. "madness is like gravity, all it takes is a little...push."
WEll, I watched Dark Knight... finally.

It was Awesomeeeee Cool

Eventhough Iron Man Is Pretty good, T.D.K. is better.

I think Most of the credit must go to Health Ledger.
Oh the Dark night, for sure Wink.
It's The Dark Knight for me. This film is just too epic..everyone's performance (except maybe Maggie Gyllenhaal) are top notch. Heath Ledger should win Oscar !! absolutely fantastic.
I love the movie's tone. It's very dark (as the title suggests), and didn't have any stupid plot (at least I didn't notice one). The actions are pretty slick too, the VFX is not too visible (which means it's successful).
Bottom note : One of the best movie in years!!
Can't really say. Iron Man was brilliant and I love Robert Downey Jr.'s works ... but Dark Knight was so much more gritty, intense and suspenseful. I could tell where Iron Man was going as soon as I saw Stane's character [keep in mind I had never read the Iron Man comics prior to watching the film].

So Dark Knight, but only by a little.
wow this post did manage quiet a good response from everyone.... surely dark knight was a great movie and everyone watched and enjoyed it.... Smile
It seems there is not a clear conclusion by the group here. Personally, I thought the Dark Knight was better. While Iron Man was entertaining and well done, I felt it was predictable and didn't push me to the edge of my seat. The Dark Knight, however, had a lot of unexpected twists and turns that kept me intrigued to what would happen next. Additionally, Heath Ledger's performance was just astounding! Without knowing it was him, I'm not sure I would have recognized him.

Final vote - Dark Knight
they were both great movies... but personally i prefer batman
Definitely Iron Man. It's more political and meaningful, and isn't as gross and scary as Dark Knight.
Iron Man!! for the simple reason that Batmans voice was so ridduculas... Who were they trying to cod with that low gruffy voice... Just couldnt take it seriously !
Batman. And his voice is actually really funny ;p It was quite ridiculous to listen to it.
But after watching both movies I felt that Iron Man didn't quite satisfy me, batman had that 'wow' factor in it.
ironman is best and love ironman
the dark knight without a doubt
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