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Opera 9.5 & Firefox 3.0 Not working. IE 7 Working. !?Pro

This should be an interesting one for all your Firefox/Opera fans out there.

Yesterday I had a change of heart, of sorts, and decided to install both Firefox 3.0 and Opera 9.5 (the latest versions as of 8/13/0Cool. Both programs installed successfully, with no problems.

I run a program (a proxy) called the Proxomitron (see
I have previously configured Internet Explorer to work with the Proxomitron, with no problems, and that was what I was using up until yesterday.

I then tried to configure both Opera and Firefox in a similar manner to work with the program. Neither program worked.

For Opera, I used this guide:
and followed the directions exactly. HTTP = localhost:8080, FTP the same... so on and so forth.
No such luck. Opera displays the "Internal Communication Error" error message, and does not connect to any site, including my household server (which is even stranger). Obviously, I tried everything possible, almost every configuration, even substituting localhost with and all that. Nothing. Reinstallation also failed. Shutting off the proxy failed. And get this final bit: I was pissed enough to uninstall the Proxomitron, successfully getting rid of it, reset IE to work normally, and reinstalled Opera with default settings. Nothing Works!!!! Mad

For Firefox the story is much the same. Firefoxes's error message is a little more detailed. This time the problem was that the Proxy "actively refused the connection" ... Despite the proxy not even existing anymore.... plus a fresh reinstall with default settings.

I would appreciate any and all help with the issue. I was looking forward to using something other than IE at home.

Computer Specs:

OS: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Self Built: 2GB Ram, 3.? Ghz Processor (Intel).
Internet Explorer 7 = Working, with proxy and w/o.
Mozilla Firefox 3.0 = Not working, with or without.
Opera 9.5 = Not working, with or without.

I hope I've been detailed enough, and any questions will be answered. Thanks in advance, I'm really frustrated and all that.

I'm gonna guess that a user as savvy as yourself wouldn't forget to open a firewall port for this proxy, so lets skip that (unless you think that may help).

Really the only information I can find about this program or your configuration is other users not correctly setting the static IP address. Your may not be static, it may just have been the first machine to connect to the router and hasn't disconnected since. =\ Check that, if this doesn't help you at all, I will try installing this proxy myself tomorrow and configure it with my firefox.
Hm, the firewall port didn't seem to solve the problem. I use sunbelt kerio personal firewall... and/or ZoneAlarm Free, and they usually dont need configuration. Nevertheless, I checked that. Still nothing.

I shut down my server, and for now, my computer is the only one on the network. I doubt that the ip is indeed static, but that was only one of my trials. The typical configuration is 'localhost' in which case it really doesn't matter whether the ip of my machine is static or dynamic.

Hey, KHO, I really appreciate you going out of your way on this one. I'll keep trying myself, and thanks much.

I've been playing around with proximitron for a bit now. And it seems that I started coming across this error if I killed the process for proximitron and tried to browse the web with my browser configured for use with the proxy. Could you confirm or deny that you have proximitron running while you are trying to use firefox/opera as configured for proximitron?
Five bucks it's zonealarm's fault.

Shut down zonealarm (right click on the icon in the system tray and click on something like "shut down zone alarm") Click ok on the warning, then wait 30 seconds for it to actually close. Then try going on the internet.
a misconfiguration of zonealarm would cause such a problem, but based on the error I seriously doubt it. I will take your wager of 5 Frih$ though =P
It wasn't ZoneAlarm. I uninstalled the darned thing, and killed all non-essential processes. Im fairly sure that ZoneAlarm wasn't running at all during this whole process. Additionally, I disabled windows firewall, and I have no other firewall running at the moment.

I suppose that I should mention that Internet Explorer 7 quit working on me a few days ago as well. At this point I am not really sure what is going on with anything. Once again Firefox stated that a proxy actively refused the connection - so I know thats what the problem is. (Thank god for detailed error messages). However, I dont have a proxy anymore. Proxomitron isn't running and was uninstalled a long time ago. I made sure by running an impartial search on the computer for files with "proxy" in them. Nothing showed up. Nothing in the Program Files folder. Nothing on the Add/Remove Programs list.

Here are two things I tried:

I have another older computer which has IE 7 on it. Using the Files and Settings Transfer Wizard, I copied over the original Internet Explorer Settings onto my 'broken' computer via the server. This did not fix my problem, so I conclude that the issue is not caused by the browsers, but rather an external program or proxy or whatever the hell you want to call it - that is blocking my browser from internet access.


I should also mention that I tried google talk the other day, and that program has no problem connecting to the internet and signing me in. The issues are with the browsers.

KHO and brokenadvice, thanks for the help.

I give myself until this coming weekend to fix this, otherwise I'm going to reinstall XP on the computer, after backing up my hard drive. Needless to mention this is a painful process. I've only done this 3 times in my life, and the problems were far far greater.

Ok, really no need to re-install the OS over an issue as trivial as this. It is almost certainly the fault of either a misconfigured proxy or the browsers at this point. The files and settings transfer wizard is a piece of shit that doesn't really solve problems, so that really didn't accomplish much besides synchronize your bookmarks I'm sure.

Also, Zonealarm wouldn't cause this problem. I've confirmed that by running zone alarm with this same set up and I am also very familiar with that program. After playing with the very same proxy program (proxomitron) I've received this same error after I tried opening firefox without having the proxy program running. Note that even though I have the option checked for it to run at start up, it does not. And note that even though I have the program properly configured, it does NOT spoof my IP address (a lot of good this program is eh?).

Ok, I want you to try a series of things just to trubleshoot the problem effectively if you will, please do them in order and record your results in as much detail as you like:

1. Open fire fox in "Safe mode" Start-->All Programs-->Mozilla Firefox-->Mozilla Firefox(Safe mode)
Check and make sure that the proxomitron program is not running (which at this point it shouldn't be installed after reading your post)

2. Install Proxomitron again, and run the program. Then attempt to open your browsers WITH the program running.

3. If either of the above steps worked, skip this one. Start the computer in safe mode (Restart the computer and tap F8 key repeatedly until you receive the option to boot into safe mode.) and attempt to open both browsers and connect to a site.

If none of my above steps mentioned work, I have a few fixes that will prevent a re-installation of windows. (As a note, I skipped pinging google in my troubleshooting because you mentioned that you can connect to the internet using google talk.)
Safe Mode, for firefox. Not Working.

Reinstallation of Proxomitron, with proper configuration: Not working.

I have yet to try booting my computer in safe mode.

Thanks for your help,

In firefox:

This should have your proxy settings, should currently be set to "No Proxy"
At the risk of stating the obvious: have you disabled Windows XP's built-in firewall?
This topic is now thankfully closed.

Thanks to KHO, brokenadvice, Arnie for all your help. And to Arnie: yes I did disable the firewall- that wasn't the issue. In fact I never did find the issue to tell you the truth. I last reset the WINSOCK and TCP/IP commands via command promt usint the netsh reset commands. This seemed to fix the problem for Internet Explorer. Soon Ill be switching to Vista, and at that time, I'll overhaul my system and get back to using Opera, or the now released Google Chrome.

To anyone that now hates proxies with a passion: Unite!

Glad it's solved. Apparently some programs (including but not limited to spyware) can mess with WINSOCK. There are even special fix programs for it.
I usually have problems like that with firefox and Opera and i don't even know how it was solved.... i guess i've re-problem my pc and its was ok after Smile
andredesignz wrote:
I usually have problems like that with firefox and Opera and i don't even know how it was solved.... i guess i've re-problem my pc and its was ok after Smile

last relevant post Sep 16, 2008

your post Nov 16, 2008

=| this is 2 months old, and already solved and you didn't add anything relevant to the discussion.... seriously, WHY did you post in this thread??
KHO wrote:
andredesignz wrote:
I usually have problems like that with firefox and Opera and i don't even know how it was solved.... i guess i've re-problem my pc and its was ok after Smile

last relevant post Sep 16, 2008

your post Nov 16, 2008

=| this is 2 months old, and already solved and you didn't add anything relevant to the discussion.... seriously, WHY did you post in this thread??

Sorry i did check the date am really sorry
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