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Anybody play this thing? I'm playing the PC version, it's the coolies! Seriously if you don't have it, get it! I had to set it up to play with a gamepad though, it doesn't come with gamepad support included.
I got it for Xbox.
It's way to short and to little to do on the Xbox at least.It made me mad because I wanted it for years,it was the reason I got my Xbox.
Still good just disapointing Sad
I heard it was really good for the time it lasted.. like 9 seconds (sarcasm).
Hmm .. isn't the PC version slated for release at the 20th of September in the US ? If so, shame on you ! Piracy is bad Razz
i great game but it is far to short and i would much prefer to play a game like morrowind
its an ok game. its not the best rpg ive ever played, but its kind of cool in some ways =).

and ofcourse, i will forever be known as... arseface!!
I never played Fable on Xbox, but I just picked The Lost Chapters up for PC.

Damn...this game is awesome. I'm not even a fan of RPG's; this is the first real one I've gotten into since Diablo. The game runs great, and looks beautiful. The load times are second to none, and the level of detail in everything is amazing.

I love how there isn't the standard leveling up system that you see in normal RPGs. Instead, every monster or person you kill drops experience "orbs" (little green things) that you pick up and take back to the hero's guild (about where you started the game) and you can choose what to upgrade, such as magic spells, strength attributes, etc. The spells are simply awesome..power-wise. Everything feels so a button and lightning arcs from your character straight into an enemy, go to another spell and launch a fireball, then knock everybody backwards with another spell, etc.

I love how you can go up to people and communicate with them so easily, by just pressing the number keys on which you have interactive commands placed on (such as flirt, joke, show-off, even things like fart and burp).

This game is great.
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