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Nightwish... does anyone like it?

Hey, ppl!
I just love the band Nightwish. Tarja Turunen's voice is really something and I love their 'kinda gothic' style. The lyrics are always awesome and the melody and harmony are simply amazing.
I think their best song ever is Ghost Love Score from the album Once.
How about you ppl? Does anyone here like Nightwish as much as I do? Laughing
If you like nightwish, i can advise you theatre of tragedy and maybe cradle of filth. But cradle of filth acts as if they are slave of MTV. their film isnt good. cradle of fear. But theatre of tragedy is good...
I haven't listened to any Nightwish anytime recently... I've always liked 'Wanderlust' though. Smile
I Like the voice of the Vocal girl^^

And only two musics that i know:
Nemo and Ocean Soul
I agree with you, Healckles.
Tarja's voice is amazing. Those high notes of her are really something.
And if you liked Nemo, you should also try and listen to I wish I had an Angel and my favorite of all times Ghost Love Score. They're awesome!
I ADORE nightwish. Very much so.

Im very into the type of bands with orchestra music and the such. It's soft, but yet so elegant. I'm very into the REAL gothic stuff. Not like "OMG death death death!" I'm talking the REAL stuff. About religion and dark scary stuff. Woo hoo. Very nice stuff.

If you like Nightwish, you'd probably like stuff like:

Lacuna Coil
or any other type of celtic/renaissance music.
I like Nightwish, but you are too precipted calling Nightwish a Gothic Band...

They're not gothic...I'm Gothic and if you need some explication about the gothic culture, you can access this site and tale some information...
Boles Roor
I preffer Within Temptation over Nightwish but still they're really good.
If you like Nightwish, You wouls like these bands :
Epica, The gathering, Therion and Lacuna Coil

Epica and Therion plays a music between symphonic
and black metal... but it's so good !!! Very Happy
I like nightwish
This is a very good band!!!

And I think the best song/video is nemo !!!

Shocked Smile
I don't like...

I like more Evanescence, if we say the style Rock...

gothic' style? look like to him?
i like nightwish

nemo is my favourite songs, i wish i had a angel is pretty good as well.

i got two of there albums wishmaster and once. Once is by far the best though.

there new greatest hits or best of thing is out now so anyone who likes gothic/opraic metal i suggest you check it out.
yes, I very like Nightwish. It's a famous band I've never seen.
I kind of grew out of the whole power metal thing. Someone recommended Theatre of Tragedy earlier, and I'd agree that they're worth a listen. More doom metally, you may like them.
Tarja has got a ver impressing voice
My favorite song is Dark Chest of Wonders Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation
Oh I forgot Nemo, but they aare all awesome
I just can say Stay Nightwish
Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
NightWish WAS a great band but since Tarja were replaced by Anette they kind of lost their style. Neutral
You're right, shadowofadead. They were a great band, but I think Tarja was the soul of the band and without her they lost their magic...
Tuomas was, is, will ever be the soul of the band. The fact that, in my opinion, Anette can't sing, has nothing what so ever to do with that. Their music is still amazing, and their lyrics are still beautiful, and for her voice. I really do not care, I think, because it's only one instrument, out of five. The rest of Nightwish is still great, even though I might not listen to them that much anymore Wink
I like Nightwish. My favourite songs are Wishmaster, Sleeping sun and Elvenpath.
Jakob [JaWGames]
In my opinion Nightwish is a great bandwith many good songs. Some of the best are according to me "Sleeping Sun", "Dead Boys Poem" and "Nemo". It will be interesting to see how their carrier affects of the new singer..
Did you hear Nightwish with the new singer? I prefered Tarja... :/ Maybe the new one will develop her own style with time (and hold better her microphone!).

Look at this:
Yeah... I hope Anette will get the hang of it, so we just have to wait and see.
Jakob [JaWGames]
I have heard some of the new singer and I must say that she sounds very good. She does not have the voicecapacity of Tarja but she have an own way of singing. In my opinion she is a good replacement for Tarja, I hope that that opinion not will change when I get my hands on the new album...
shadowofadead wrote:
NightWish WAS a great band but since Tarja were replaced by Anette they kind of lost their style. Neutral

Yeah, he is right. I used to listen nightwish Smile
They are even better than evanescence
I like the song "I wish I had an angel"
They're a bit more hardcore than Evanescence.
Insanity, it itches in my heart that you call Nightwish hardcore.
They play symphonic music, not core-anything! At least not from my view of this World...
tampoco me parece el mejor grupo del mundo, la verdad... mas bien un poco aburrdio no creeis
I always seem to be getting into bands when the 'good' vocalist I listened to has already left... same for Iced Earth, Ensiferum and a few others haha. Anyway: I always thought Nightwish was pretty cool, but just recently I've bought a first album from them (Wishmaster) and giving it some serious listening: I'm very much enjoying it! She is my Sin, The Kinslayer, Wanderlust, Wishmaster - all great songs. I'll be sure to check out more of the 'old' stuff.

By the way, most of you might have already seen it, but anyway:

Wishmaster, the misheard lyrics Laughing
Haha, I love that misheard lyric-version. Now I can't seem to hear the real lyrics anymore, quite funny, but annoying Laughing

Has anyone, but I, bought their new album yet? - Dark Passion Play?
What do you think?

Personally I've mostly listened to the instrumental version of the album, simply because I am not sure I am able to listen to Annette for nearly one hour and a half at a time.
The lyrics are as usual, and the music is even greater.
So my favourties this far are The Poet and the Pendulum, Master Passion Greed, Sahara, and Last Of The Wilds
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